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  1. Just my opinion. You must be comfortable in your game and be confident.The field is going to be huge so you must be ready for all comers at all times. If you are not confident and comfortable you might as well just sit out the hole tourney and get blinded out. With that said Shagg I think you have to make up your mind to play or not.Sure would it be nice to take shot at the millions yes but is it just wasted money in the long run.Best of luck in whatever decision u make.

  2. Back off Sox, this horse is mine!! Great odds on this one:Neg-O 2010 2nd Quarter Winner - r23yNeg-O 2010 3rd Quarter 2nd Place - r23yLocking this one down now. Shipped!I'll still go one more if you cannot meet wsox's strict requirements. I'm easier than he is, but his may have more luck attached.
    Thank you I will check when I get home sneaking around in my office right now on my I pod
  3. I'm feeling nice and I want to have less money so I'd be willing to stake someone for tonight, although I have some requirements.1) You have to be someone I like2) You have to tell me something about how awesome I am3) Say something that you dislike about tanner or something negative4) Tell me I'm right5) Bring your "A" game even if you don't want to6) Ask me a question.7) Have fun8) ALSO, if I get a horse and you take serge or seacucumber out then you'll receive an extra $5!Some hefty requirements, I know, but if you're up for it then let me know.
    Thats is to much work I am to lazy
  4. Also, if anyone needs a stake for tonight, post S/N and I'll do a random draw 30 minutes before game time. 50/50 NSB.Rather punt it off that way than give to Tanner on some sorry ass NBA games. Don't really like BB too much, but looking foward to NBA on TNT Tommorrow!!Put me in for a chance at a stake Thanks Shaggr23y(Springfield)

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