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  1. ok So i just got home I am going to play awhile.does anybody want a rail bird for awhile?
  2. Just my opinion. You must be comfortable in your game and be confident.The field is going to be huge so you must be ready for all comers at all times. If you are not confident and comfortable you might as well just sit out the hole tourney and get blinded out. With that said Shagg I think you have to make up your mind to play or not.Sure would it be nice to take shot at the millions yes but is it just wasted money in the long run.Best of luck in whatever decision u make.
  3. 2nd oh well not good enough for first.You don't win second you are the last loser.GG all
  4. <~~~<Bubble boy Knocked out by Rose my1010vs66.must be nice to run good.GG all
  5. I am in .Hopefully to redeem myself from last weeks mess I got myself into
  6. best of luck to shagg hope to here from you after your vaction.You will be missed why you are gone.
  7. Got it Shagg TY .hopefully I will run good for you.
  8. Thank you I will check when I get home sneaking around in my office right now on my I pod
  9. Also, if anyone needs a stake for tonight, post S/N and I'll do a random draw 30 minutes before game time. 50/50 NSB.Rather punt it off that way than give to Tanner on some sorry ass NBA games. Don't really like BB too much, but looking foward to NBA on TNT Tommorrow!!Put me in for a chance at a stake Thanks Shaggr23y(Springfield)
  10. Ok so I finally sat down and watched the Informant.I thought it was funny but I use to work for ADM so just added a little bit more to the movie for me.My father,brother and sister-in-law all work there still.
  11. They need to get off Sam and Ronnie.I think it is boring they need to focus on when they come home from the bar that is when all the fun stuff happens. I was laughing my ass off when Pauly picked up the phone.Cause we have all tried to pull that off.
  12. wish I would of made it last night but snow is killing me
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