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  1. I fell asleep in the 7th inning some how.Got woke up by something just as freese was coming up to bat.I wish i would of watched the hole thing
  2. Just want to add that I am a seahawks fan and have been since the 80's
  3. Do I Love the game of poker? yesDo I miss playing every chance I would get? Yes I play on merge and still have not put money on their. Just still worried what will happenI play the freerolls and will see what happens
  4. i think the great white north had something to do with DOJ thing they wanted the USA out of the neg-o LOL
  5. Put my name in the hat like 10 times.
  6. Twstd if you want I have a hat that I can just ship
  7. It took me a little bit to figure out.You pretty much have to act like you are setting up a new account and download.I was trying to download through my shortcut and it will not let you
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