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  1. How many players did you end up with last night?Congrats on the win shagg
  2. r23y

    Going Back To School

    Just in business. I have a degree in construction management and in project management.
  3. r23y

    Going Back To School

    Not say it free to get it done I can do this for almost free.
  4. r23y

    Going Back To School

    Muff diving scholarship
  5. I have decide to go back to school and get a new degree at 38. My wife and my 16 year old daughter say I am to old. I will be doing all on line. Just not happy with Job right now and ready for a change. Looking for people's opinion on what they think. A lot of it I can do for free so don't see the big deal.
  6. Have you ever got the chance to go watch The masters live?Who would you like to play a round of golf with?
  7. DN don't you hate it when you take a girl home from the bar and all she wants to do is talkIf you had to be doing something else in your life to make a living what would it be? Do you ever invest in stock market?What kind of retirement plan do you have?Do you think the world will end on 12/12/12?When do you think online poker sites will start getting regulated in the states?Probably on. 12/13/12
  8. I agree I get so pissed at people who get mad at me for not returning a call with no message
  9. Thank you to everyone who work hard day in and day for are country.Thank you to all from past also
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