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  1. March to the next Super Bowl hopefully starts tonight. GO HAWKS. !!!!!!!
  2. I have been playing on Americas Cardroom . I really have been liking it. It is probably one of the better sites I have played since dooms day.
  3. 30 years as a Seahawks fan finally
  4. Let's go HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. r23y

    Car Talk

    That is a pretty good track record.
  6. r23y

    Car Talk

    There is only one way to re tap the the threads and that is to pull the oil pan. As you can not stop the shavings from going into the oil pan if it is on the vehicle . If you are going to do that you might as well replace as the oil pan . It should not be that expensive it is the labor that gets you. You can buy a plug from any auto parts that is made out of rubber that expands when you tighten it up. Most mechanics will not let you know about this as it is not very exspensive and the do not recommend. But I have used them before and it will work. Try and take it to a mechanic that you have us
  7. Caddyshack Red Dawn Big trouble little china Maximum overdrive Three amigos Scarface Full metal jacket Coming to America National lampoons Vacation The untouchables Fast times of ridgemont high The road warrior Hoosiers
  8. 6-1 hopefully my hawks can keep it going. Go hawks!!!!!
  9. Not sure if people know this but this movie is not suppose to be about poke it is a action movie. Of course it has poker in it but I think that a lot of people thought or hoped it would like rounders. I have not seen it and probably will wait until video. I to was hoping for a great poker movie but that is not what it is.
  10. Hoping for a better second half from the hawks
  11. r23y

    Paula Deen Threed

    not as I agree with everything that goes on in this crazy world but I would assume that all the companies that are dropping MRS. Deen Would drop every movie and rap album that use the same word she used 27 years ago.
  12. Keep putting in that hard work your day will come
  13. Just wanted to start this to here some stories good and bad. Love to here some great stories from partying or what ever anybody wants to talk about and yes even your bad beats.
  14. Congrats on the second place finish
  15. Is anybody else having trouble loading live feed or is it just me?
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