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  1. no words have been exchangedthankswish DN gets ahead and starts chattering
  2. so they have not said a word to each other? or hollywood does not let you see the chat?
  3. If he(DC) ever 3 bets preflop I may tumble out of the chair
  4. Have you deposited any money at the site? If not, then after one week, you can't see the realmoney tables anymore.just do the hollywood poker thing, thats what I didand for the record, DC is making some really good value bets tonight, and getting paid
  5. LOL I laughed hard at thisit's so simple yet so true
  6. I don't think Ivey wins, I think he came 3rd
  7. I guess you don't have to have real money account to watch, I am watching DN play tinfoilhat right now and I don't have 2 cents in my account
  8. the day we figure out why your nipples get hard everytime you flop a set is the day we figure out the whole kennedy grassy knoll thing : :shock: damn you're good
  9. Where's Smash when you need him?? are you saying its skill to only wait for these hands? just curious
  10. Where's Smash when you need him?? yeah where is the forum master
  11. would I be better off playing a higher sit and go..where the competition would be better and more tight?tight does not mean better.the biggest suckers are usually the "tight" players, they are complete open booksI could teach a 3 year old to wait for AA KK QQ, that aint poker
  12. Daniel, I am the one who has been and will always be playing you at limit hold'em when you play Dreamclown. I just created an account here today after a friend sent me this. 1. In regard to your earlier concerns about players 'tag-teaming' you, switching off when tilted, etc., I say, again, I am the hold'em specialist of our group, and I will be playing you barring unconsciousness or vacation. If I can not play you for whatever reason, you will be informed as to the replacement. But be relieved you won't be facing 'a team' as we are playing. We all live separately right now, and we certa
  13. I knew you had it in you ,suited, even though you misplayed that J10
  14. anyone know if they will ever have a tourn. leader board(not that ftp fan site) but one on the actual ftp poker sitethat would be pretty cool
  15. Translation: "Come enter the mind of a donkey" 60% , 70% - I think the answer is a resounding yes, every fn time The point is Joe, you can't understand the most simple of mathematics involved in poker so why not let it go before you embarass yourself a little more Ahhh... the single biggest thing that a SKILLFUL player does is get his money in as a favourite. What don't you get about that you muppet. Seriously, how can you be that daft and still operate a keyboard? I'm pretty sure he does understand it and has tried to explain the BIGGER PICTURE so that even people on the short bus with yo
  16. don't care bout dreamclown, just wondering what WPT tourney(if any) he won
  17. someone said he won a WPT event, just curious which one
  18. i wouldve worked at Domino's but i dont like their pizza. and i ate a lot of pizza hut's pizza when i was on break or when i was working. ( i know its not good for you but i like it John!!!) thats a good salary though. i wouldnt quit poker though because i like it too much (thats why i chose the name PokerZealot) it sa fun way to make more than fascists companies like pizza hut!8.00 an hour is a good salary?wow
  19. how many times have you faked pioctures, started a 50 page thread claiming you knew the flop, and lied to everyone before?thats 1 more time than he has played in the big game.jag off
  20. Just didn't want any pimply faced, mac-n-cheese eating, spanking to the avatar, micro limit wannabes telling me bout the $45 they withdrew to buy a chem book.Thats all.and how old are you "ball sack"? :roll:
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