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  1. That was a good play on your part I think. He did call with a 5 kicker. Just don't worry about that, he's a fish.I also have to vent. Last night, I was playing crazy, LAG, and I was allowing people to re-raise me and push me out of pots on purpose. I wanted to be labeled as "soft." I played .50/1 and had about 75 behind me. Picked up pocket 9's on the button, no limpers behind me and raised it up to 3.50. I get called by the BB. $7.50 in the pot. Flop is 6-7-8 rainbow. Great flop for me. BB checks to me and I bet 5. I wanted to seem like I was just trying to steal with AK. He calls. $17.50 in the pot. Turn is a offsuit 2. Another beautiful card for me, right? I bet $15. Thought about shoving but he could have easily been playing 6-7 or 7-8. He calls. I know realize he has an open ended draw that he hopes to bust me on. I didn't think he had a 5, more likely a 9. So, their us 37.50 in the pot. The river is a 9, giving me a set, but also putting a 4 card straight on the board. I check, how could that card really have helped him? I thought he was a decent player, so he couldn't have been playing a 5. Just too donkish for that level. He bet's $20. I think, then call. Any ideas of what he had? He had 10-8. I was pissed. He had 4 outs. Two 9's, two 8's. 16% on the flop and he is donky calling with 2.5-1 odds on the flop, 2.2 - 1 on the turn, which he was 8%. Should have been getting atleast 12.5-1 in order to be calling. Then spikes a 4 outer. WTF are people thinking? I realize he had a decent drawing hand, but he didn't even think that he was beat for a second. I had a monster hand on the flop. WTF. Please critique my play. Tell me I did something wrong. I need something to cheer me up.
    curious as to how one checks and calls from the button
  2. before this gets moved to the omaha section and no one sees it..think i made the correct fold?PokerStars Game #4026687113: Tournament #19613844, Omaha Limit - Level II (30/60) - 2006/02/19 - 13:46:37 (ET)Table '19613844 62' Seat #2 is the buttonSeat 2: bill420 (1310 in chips) Seat 3: golfergod3d (1865 in chips) Seat 4: hfacedog (2070 in chips) Seat 5: pattypoker21 (1470 in chips) Seat 6: vongrubin (1790 in chips) Seat 7: Lemontree18 (1050 in chips) Seat 8: ! PJ KIRK ! (1815 in chips) Seat 9: GregTS (2130 in chips) golfergod3d: posts small blind 15hfacedog: posts big blind 30*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to pattypoker21 [8d Qh Qd 4c]pattypoker21: raises 30 to 60vongrubin: calls 60Lemontree18: folds ! PJ KIRK !: folds GregTS: folds bill420: folds golfergod3d: folds hfacedog: calls 30*** FLOP *** [6s Ad Jc]hfacedog: checks pattypoker21: bets 30vongrubin: calls 30hfacedog: calls 30*** TURN *** [6s Ad Jc] [Qs]hfacedog: bets 60pattypoker21: raises 60 to 120vongrubin: folds hfacedog: raises 60 to 180pattypoker21: calls 60*** RIVER *** [6s Ad Jc Qs] [5h]hfacedog: bets 60pattypoker21 said, "three queens"pattypoker21: folds hfacedog collected 645 from pothfacedog: doesn't show hand *** SUMMARY ***Total pot 645 | Rake 0 Board [6s Ad Jc Qs 5h]Seat 2: bill420 (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)Seat 3: golfergod3d (small blind) folded before FlopSeat 4: hfacedog (big blind) collected (645)Seat 5: pattypoker21 folded on the RiverSeat 6: vongrubin folded on the TurnSeat 7: Lemontree18 folded before Flop (didn't bet)Seat 8: ! PJ KIRK ! folded before Flop (didn't bet)Seat 9: GregTS folded before Flop (didn't bet)
    don't raise that mess preflop .QQ84? wow
  3. Holy crap, it gets worse - this guy donked out again, and now eliminated Scotty Nguyen:From Cardplayer:
    The player in the 8 seat raises to $25,000 and Scotty Nguyen calls. The flop comes Kh-Qh and an offsuit 5 and Nguyen checks. The 8 seat bets out $15,000 and Nguyen raises all in for over $40,000 in chips. The 8 seat makes the call, and Nguyen turns over Ah-8h for one overcard and the nut flush draw. Seat 8 calls with pocket jacks. The players at the table, fans on the rail, and the Borgata staff are all shocked that the 8 seat can make that call with J-J. But he did, and at the moment it's the right call. The board bricks out and the 8 seat's jacks hold up. Scotty Nguyen will not make it back to back WPT wins.
    Gee, who could that player have been...from Poker Wire:
    On a flop of [K][Q][3] with two [ ♥]'s and about 20k in the pot James Fletcher bet 20k. Scotty Nguyen pushed in for 150k and Fletcher immediately called. The players showed:  Scotty Nguyen [A♥][8♥]  James Fletcher [J][J]  The turn and river came blank and Scotty Nguyen was eliminated in 66th with $12,935.  Jon Zuckowski went home in 65th place with $12,935.
    He's dethroned Kantor as the Donkey giant killer!
    did he bet 15k and call 40k or did he bet 25k and call 150kthe 2 reports are not making senseif it was the latter(150k) horribleif it was the first he can't fold
  4. WOW!!!!!!!!!!100k in the pot?Thate means that this guy put in alot of money in on the flop with a gutterball with a flush and a straight already on board!!!!!  And he probably got raised too....This is on the short list of Donk plays of the year....and yes...i couldn't care less that he HAD to make the final call....it's the journey to that point that is so DONKalicious...WOW...what a hand....
    Again, I disagree, without more information from the hand. The pot was most certainly raised preflop, lets assume "donk" raised preflop, and Barry called. On the flop the "donk" almost certainly bet out, and Barry, knowing he had nothing, called with his set of 10's being the best hand. Barry was trapping him obviously. Turn came, "donk" bet out huge, and Barry reraises allin (for very little more), and the "donk" HAS to call. He got lucky with the J, Barry was unlucky after having made a good read and getting all his chips in with the best hand, but that's poker. Have an aggressive bluff going on and then sucking out is not always donk play, as I strongly suspect was the case here. HOWEVER, I don't like the play by either of these guys after the flop.Flop: "Donk" bets, Barry cold-calls. Warning lights should go off in head of "Donk" unless he puts Barry on marginal or drawing. Barry cold-calls. Why? He was sure he had the best hand, but what if the "donk" had a high heart? What if he had a J? Cold-calling here just asks to get sucked out on, and while Barry made a good read, I like reraising allin here with your best hand and ensuring you're around for another hand.
    no chanceany player with a brain is not slowplaying a set of 10's on 3 suited, straight board
  5. I was doing pretty well...then I lost my connection and finished in 4th. :club:
    Better to go out that way than have to deal with what happened to me...NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $0+$0 (Real Money), #48,256,907 FCP Forum Challenge Multi Table Tournament, 26 Jan 2006 9:41 PM ET Seat 2: SAM_Hard80 ($1,525 in chips) Seat 3: Figger0 ($4,580 in chips) Seat 4: vvganeshavv0 ($8,052 in chips) Seat 5: Custom36 ($680 in chips) Seat 7: ajs510-fcp ($7,663 in chips) ANTES/BLINDSSAM_Hard80 posts blind ($75), Figger0 posts blind ($150).PRE-FLOPvvganeshavv0 bets $450, Custom36 folds, ajs510-fcp calls $450, SAM_Hard80 folds, Figger0 folds.FLOP [board cards 10H,7C,9S ]vvganeshavv0 bets $500, ajs510-fcp calls $500.TURN [board cards 10H,7C,9S,KD ]vvganeshavv0 bets $1,000, ajs510-fcp bets $2,000, vvganeshavv0 bets $6,102 and is all-in, ajs510-fcp calls $4,713 and is all-in.RIVER [board cards 10H,7C,9S,KD,JC ] (Sure, why not...a 4 outer straight) :shock: SHOWDOWNvvganeshavv0 shows [ KH,QH ]ajs510-fcp shows [ 9C,9H ]vvganeshavv0 wins $389, vvganeshavv0 wins $15,551. SUMMARYDealer: ajs510-fcpPot: $15,940SAM_Hard80, loses $75Figger0, loses $150vvganeshavv0, bets $8,052, collects $15,940, net $7,888Custom36, loses $0ajs510-fcp, loses $7,663I'm still steaming...that was so horrible it's beyond words.
    raise the flop
  6. Agreed
    I'd be more comfortable calling this preflop raise with 98s as opposed to A9s. Thoughts?
    100% agreeI always would rather have 67 then KJ or 78 then KQ(in a situation you're talking about. so easy to play, hard to go broke. KQ you flop 1 of the 2 and its goodnight when you're dominated.
  7. 15/30 earlier today.I open in CO with AQs, LAG sb 3 bets, I call. Flop QQ 3. He checks, I bet, he raises, I call. turn 8. He bets, I raise, He 3 bets, I cap, he calls. River 2. He bets, I raise, He 3 bets, I cap, he calls. He shows AKsHis Comment: "Nice 3 outer miracle you donkey". My Comment: "Thanks for the new I-Pod".
    oh dear god. that is the greatest reply in the history of replies. fantastic dude.
    do I need to pay any royalties if I steal this line? :club:
  8. I live about 7 miles from the strip in a two story, 3 bedroom house with a recreation room in which we turned into a poker room. House has a pool, hot tub, and a waterfall, and our total rent is 1550$, so were paying about 520$ a person. Thats not bad at the location were at, right @ Green Valley Ranch.
    where do you deal? just curious, I am a dealer too
  9. I do wish they had more graphic violence though, lol.
    how did u do it, if u dont mind me asking
    Computer game called "The Movies"It's kind of a Sims style game, and as you progress, you can make more and more detailed movies. But there's also another game mode, where you can give yourself money, and then it's easier to just make movies, and you're not worrying about all the other stuff along the way. But either way, as you progress you can do more and more. My game is still in the 1950's, lol. So it's not bad for what I had.
    how much was the game? does it auotmaticaly download?
  10. No need to be such a prick.Maybe you're just bitter because you can't do the same? I really don't know. I just made $800 today. I made $300 the day before. I made $1200 the day before that. Even if I do indeed have a losing session, I'd still be up.I'm not "retarded". I've been a winning player since August of last year. I can say that with total honesty. I've cashed out dozens of times throughout the year and I'm currently typing this on the $2100 computer I bought with poker winnings.So don't sit here and tell me I don't know what I'm doing. Thanks.
    your original post was silly, thats all
  11. when I went to bed, DN was down 40. I was upset and angry because all I could see was DC hitting some great cards. DN was working his butt off, but DC had changed his style somewhat and with his cards was just killing DN. And . . . . . . DN finishes up slightly. Wow. This is the greatest. DC has got to be royally upset. Way to go DN.
    just curious how someone elses poker play makes you angry and upset
  12. okay i haven't really been watching the match....but what has really been happening...dc getting lucky/cards, dn getting lucky/cards, dn outplaying...whats been happening?
    DC using some new tactics(checking behind DN more) he is also making IMO excellent value bets. he still will never 3 bet preflop, raises every time on the button, and never folds pre.
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