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  1. He plays pairs with caution, he protects his whole stack not what is on the table when he just has a pair
  2. Im new at omaha, it seems that I never have a good starting hand! How often do they come? I mean im playing tight so I play AAxx, A suited, KKQQ, four cards higher than 10, and four cards higher than 9 with an A, and rundowns like JT98, JT9_8, JT_87. But when I have them i cant hit the flop. I win some pots with position but I dont see any action!
  3. You need to feel comfortably with your own game. Dont try to change the way you play when youre closer to the date.PLaying LAG at the begining and then TAG when the blinds are high is a good way to win!Maybe you can play Small Ball the first levels and then play tight, big bet poker. Try to do your best and have fun!
  4. Well i dont see anything wrong to play small ball in a cash game. Some rooms only allows you to buy the maximun of 100 BB. Thats pretty close to a Deep Stack Tournament stack. Playing an optimal smal ball strategy you can make a lot of money. The power of this strategy is to create a wild image and be able to overplay your oponents post flop. They must make big mistakes, and if you dont let them make those mistakes you wont win money! On the other hand you will have some heads up pots in the way!Im argentinean very few people know about small ball poker here, im doing very well right now! You
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