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  1. I dont remember all of the details so I may be wrong on some of this. But didnt he have a decent chip stack at last years main event and reraised someone all in with some god awfull hand? I would say that takes a little heart.
  2. I have been looking for his results but havnt been able to find anything. Is he playing in alot of events or is he just not doing well? Does anyone have a site were you can check on the results of certain players?
  3. I have about $90 dollars in my FTP account.What limit should I be playing in Limit holdem?What limit should I be playing in Pot limit ohama?thanks for any help.
  4. After I raise 4xBB with pocket Aces he calls. Flop come J,4,7. I bet the pot and he reraises all in. Its not much more so I call. He hits 2 pair J,4. And then he says " J,4 thats my favorite hand, I always win with that hand" FISH??
  5. I have about $130 in my FTP account and am going to start playing .25/.50 limit holdem. Just curious if anyone knows of a good website to check out that talks about good strategy and has some good info on this. thanks.
  6. Poor Lee Watkins just cant seem to pull it off heads up. 3 times now on the WPT he has lost heads up.
  7. I fell asleep watching the the show last night. I didnt catch who won. Can someone let me know. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the advice. sorry about the terminology. I figured folding was really not a choice here. But I know sometimes you need to look at all the possibilities and have heard that sometimes laying down the best hand in order to advance in a tournament is the thing to do. Cant remember where I heard that though hope i dont find that site again. Thanks again for your help. :-)
  9. This is just a example of some Semi bluff situations I have been running into and just dont know what to do. 5 players left in the tournament.Chip leader to my left with 6,500 in chipsIm in second with 5,000 chips.other stacks 3,500, 2200, 1200Blinds 100-200Top 3 paysEveryone folds to me I raise to 600 on the button with 9s,9cSmall blind(chip leader calls)BB folds.Flop coms 9d,2h,6hSmall blind bets out 800Seeing the flush draw on the board and seeing this guy play I figure he is semi bluffing with a flush draw.I reraise to 1,600He pushes all in.Now for me this isnt a easy call. This is the onl
  10. Yea I watched it and didnt care to much for it. Your right not alot of poker.
  11. I am renting that tonight. Just curious if anyone has seen it and what they think of the movie.
  12. I am a relatively new player. I have been playing about a year now alot of online sit n go's and local tournaments about 2 times a week. I have been playing cash games online just the NL .25/50. I was wondering if you play these games diffrent than tournaments. Do you play more starting hands and see if you hit the flop? Any info would be great i made more money in 2 nights playing in these games than i did sit n go's so I would like to focus on them. Thanks for any help.
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