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  1. Dear Daniel,the sad news that you twittered and blog posted made me shiver and filled me with sadness.At the same time I hope that your mommie is now relieved of her torturous pains. I am happy for you to have had such a great mom that everybody would have wished for him-/herself.To you, your brother and all of the Negreanu family my deepest condolences!Count yourselves lucky such a great person and soul was amidst you for all these years.One love, one heart.Rest in dearest peace Mrs. Negreanu,Nima
  2. btw: there's one similar sounding show in the "Californication" series...
  3. LOL I so laughed reading the last (Sake) part of your new blog entry
  4. Phew... knew u wouldn't punch a friend BTW: How's your internet/network doing? Has the issue been solved yet?
  5. I was just really wondering because I simply can't imagine Daniel getting into a fight
  6. What was that last tweet of yours about u and E-Dog punching and breaking each others nose & cars etc. involving Sake...??I hope u made that up and that was part of your sketches as I thought you were friends?
  7. # 1.578 lost QQ to Mercier's AA played it well not to go broke. Then busted Akenhead KK to AQ. 8 left 7 minutes ago from UberTwitterYAY!!
  8. Hi again Dan,I don't know if you have considered asking your experts about what I suggested. I definitely think it might be worth a try to at least think about that option. Better to spend a few extra bucks IMHO than going half-way tilt due to a shitty internet access at a good running 8-Game or WCOOP session... I'm just curious to know if that would solve your problem. Pls let me know, ok? (Yes, I'm a very curious person obviously... )
  9. Hmm, well as I can imagine you have a larger condo/house/maybe even seperate floors I suppose you have a central WLAN router and some repeaters or antennas spread over the area amplifying the router signal!? Concrete, bricks or even armored concrete sometimes pretty much prevent the signals even if you're not too far away...If your router is a good one that has WLAN repeater capability just buy some more of them devices and spread them over your house. You can chose to run these additional routers as signal enhancers ("repeater" functionality). ==> Hopefully no more problems!
  10. Hi Daniel,I just read your last Twitter and was wondering what exactly could be the matter with all of your computers at home?!?I'm sure there are a lot of computer-savy folks here at FCP (including myself) that might give you some aid.Cheers from Berlin,NimaPS: Don't smash that brand new and poor ARKEG thingy though PPS: Concerning the healthcare issue: I really think you are right and that the Democrats and president Obama will unfortunately lose that debate/battle. They are BOUND to lose it as it seems... What a pity for a lot of people in the US. Over here in good old Germany we (still
  11. Johnny who? I don't care about that photo... But wowa-weewa the more interesting read would be: who's the person/what's the story behind that user pic of yours. Do u know her personally? Shoesize? Telephone no.? Or is that Brian Zembic?!? LOL
  12. I just registered at FCP about 1 week ago (in order to take part at the fantasy league quiz) and still have received that spam mail thingy... So I guess it's the board software that's probably been hacked/exploited as BOB formerly suggested!?!Just FYI.Cheers from good old Germany
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