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  1. anybody know where to find the old fcp logo? i think it was a white royal lion (like the lowenbrau logo) on a red background. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. anybody know where to find the old fcp logo? i think it was a white royal lion (like the lowenbrau logo) on a red background. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. no way... that's great... WE LANDED ON THE MOON!!!!
  4. that's what i thought at first also then i realized he meant bettor.thanks for the input guys
  5. For simplicity's sake:sb and bb see a flop, on the flop sb checks, bb bets, sb calls. Then it goes check-check all the way to showdown.Does sb have to show first since he's forced to act first or does bb show first since he was last to lead at the pot?Pretty sure online (FT) bb shows first but we got into a debate about this at a home cash game.Thanks for the help...
  6. obviously he can dodge bullets, but not 4-2 os
  7. how is your story in any way similar to the OP, besides that you were both playing poker.
  8. So were you awarded the pot or not?
  9. it's pretty much taco bell with a side of fries.
  10. What is that chick in your avatar leaning on... i wish it was me!
  11. it was almost a pain-free call. I had to explain to the lady with a heavy Indian accent what i meant when i said "i want to disable my instacash option." Me: do i have instacash on my account?Support lady: yesMe: I don't want to have that option anymoreSupport lady: Oh okay, you want to inactivate it?Me: Yes, i want to inactivate itSupport lady: Okay hold please... okay we have inactivated your instacash option.
  12. Alright, you scared me into it. Do I have to call to disable instacash or can i do it on the site?
  13. i understand this.. what i don't get is why do you have to go through a random person and not the site itself. didn't somebody rip off a bunch of people on this forum?
  14. does full tilt have rebuy tournaments? if so, how are they listed? i think i've looked everywhere on the tourney lobby and either i overlooked them or they don't have any.
  15. my buddy renamed his dog from Mary Jane to Penny Lane (english staffordshire). I think the fact that it kinda rhymes helped to not confuse her so much.
  16. After DN said that nobody beats him in his own house all I could think of was the chapelle's show skit where he plays the b-ball video game with the kid and trash talks the whole time. IN YO FACE.... IN YO FACE!!1! feel better.
  17. for every $1 they rake, you get 1 pointeach point counts as .06 cents toward your bonus
  18. got mine over 5 years ago and was a little over $500 new. they're easy to disassemble and keep clean. never had any problems or jams. and i'm glad at least one person got the clerks reference.
  19. Glock 22, .40 cal. no pesky safeties, just your index finger. better accuracy than .45, more stopping power than 9 mm. best of both worlds, kinda like hermaphroditic porn.
  20. Turn KdRiver KsSplit pot That means she has to let you get your cat an "I Pussy" shirt
  21. i could have sworn the title said "A Story with Drama, Passion and a Goat." I kept waiting for it but it never came.
  22. RIVER [board cards 4D,2H,KH,3H,QC ]SHOWDOWNehoest shows [ 9D,QS ] 2 pair kings and queens2 pair?
  23. I think that's that dude Serena Williams or his brother, Venus
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