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  1. Sitting on A Q clubsFlop comes up K J 10 of clubs....Guy goes all in, wouldn't you know I accidentally click fold? and lost half of my stack..Now I am the short stack...wonderful.
  2. Calling an All-in pre flop with J A suited, I'd call it marginal at best.I usually refuse to call All In's preflop anyway. So much can go wrong in 5 little cards.
  3. Oh I feel you there man..Right after a game...all wet and sweaty in those small shorts out of breath.....
  4. Would make my dream come true if the final two was Daniel and Phil Hellmuth. I honestly don't think any other combination of people could be better.
  5. I did the 2.25 satellite to gain entry to the satellite to the 750k...bout to play in an hour. If I manage to get an entry, i'll see you in the 750k.
  6. Ouch....I feel you. Feels like thats been happening to me a lot lately.
  7. You and I are going to have some special time together tonight.
  8. It would be nice to make it to 1k, let alone 200....At my current rate, I doubt either will happen anytime soon.
  9. No but in all seriousness, good work. To think I was all happy when I won 50...
  10. I bet he will donate it to a reputable charity.Or give it to me.
  11. I use to have the exact same problem, and rectified it shortly after realizing a few steps to prevent it from happening.Each time you are about to call ask yourself what your chances of winning are. If you have Ace King suited and 10 7 6 come on the flop of a different suit, and someone raises you. 2x the pot when all you have is 1 blind inside of the pot, calling at that point is stupid and wreckless.I find the main problem comes when people get pocket aces or Ace King Suited or anything else of that ilk and become so determined to play it that regardless what happens, they call anything thro
  12. Let us know how you guys do. Bout time Canada finally contributed something to society.
  13. When someone starts running like that, really no amount of skill will save you.Pretty crappy way to be beat, but I guess that's all a part of poker.
  14. Works much better in person from my experience..I dunno, maybe it's because seeing the chips/money in person is more intimidating? It's kind of funny how pro strategies usually don't work well vs amateurs. You can't really bluff them so it doesn't work. I only really use it online during tournaments where we are down to the last few players and I have a big stack. Or in person when I know the people playing with me know what they are doing.Unless you are playing higher stakes online(or in person)...I don't really see the point of small ball
  15. Don't let Daniel hear you diss the 10 7 off suit...It's his favorite hand and has won him a considerable amount of money.
  16. Well, Small Balling only works with the rest of his strategies, if you do it by itself, it's pretty doomed to fail.Position is really important, especially if you are in the late position and everyone else has folded up to that point. Then you attack the blinds with a small raise, and more often than not they will fold. When they don't, wait for the flop, throw in another small raise. If the other player calls, see the turn card, if the other player raises and you have a crap hand, throw it away, if he raises and you have a mediocre hand...I'd still probably throw it away. If you have a great
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