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  1. I certainly hope that is the case. Can jump into a game before the milestone hits. Just need tomake certain it's soon enough to get 50 hands in before the milestone.Wish I had more time to play...more than likely are going to miss a bunch of em.
  2. Funny thing is, half of that website is ran by me.
  3. Will be in event #7. Wish my hours were different so I could play more.
  4. No one in there right mind should ever quit their job to play .02/.05 professionally. I'm assuming this thread is a joke?
  5. Yea, just saw that. God damn, must be nice to be the person who wins that. Wonder what the odds are of being dealt that 50 billionth hand. Is there anywhere we can see the current number of total hands played?
  6. I'm a bit confused on this. Does that mean the people at the $1.10 games will win the same amount as the $11's? That seems a bit silly. Still worth playing though I guess. I'm assuming the winner of the 50 Billionth hand would also get a much bigger prize. Doesn't seem to be any info on that though. Might coax me to play cash games a little more often, even though I doubt I'll ever hit a milestone hand.Might just grind 3/6 Stud Hi/Lo and see if I can get lucky.
  7. No.You get 1 account.You can't open another or change your current one. The first one you open is the one you are stuck with forever.
  8. Seems 100% correct to me. Dealer was Angle Shooting
  9. Pretty much in every event after 21:00..few exceptions
  10. The 4 bet obviously means nothing, at that point he can't fold.I think it's a pretty sexy line. Plus you won't always be behind if snapped off. I feel like there are a million ways to play this given the stacks.
  11. Sattied into the the omaha event twice. Took every ounce of my strength to unregister and not playit. Good luck to everyone
  12. Yea...Stars Support vs Tilts Support is no contest. It's not even worth comparing the two.
  13. It's pretty awful in every sense of the word. Send them some anthrax or an envelope with a dead fish.
  14. Great way to handle it. I'm sure you'll see results right away.
  15. Shocker...I never understood why people will give shit and issue demands to any customer service workers. Do youthink pissing these people off or offending them will result in a more immediate resolution? More oftenthan not it results in them taking a personal vendetta out for you and will do everything within their powerto make it as unplesant as possible.
  16. Standard Sunday.Lost Every Flip, bubbled a ton of things, and just ran Queens into Aces as a chip leader in the one tournamentthat had potential to turn the day positive. Playing a super turbo then calling it a day.
  17. Jennifer Tilly, Annie Duke, Tiffany Michelle.Make your choice.
  18. Man, looking at the prize pool for that high rollers event is depressing as hell. Must be nice.
  19. Fold >>>ShoveIt's close...but pretty sure you are behind much more than you are ahead.
  20. Snap call against any player. I would be more worried if he limped.His shoving range is insanely wide.
  21. Don't know your tilt name, but good luck.
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