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  1. Giving up on poker forever...or at least for a month.Good luck to all of you, hope someone cashes big.
  2. Milestones are heroine.They happen just often enough that it makes you want to stick around for the next one. Been 5 tabling forever..
  3. Bout time.Maybe he'll starting getting the respect he deserves!
  4. Yea....Funny thing.Soon as I hit silver star, I ran like a dead horse.Now that I'm bronze again, I'm doing quite well.
  5. Congrats, must be nice. How much do you charge for coaching?
  6. I'm curious how many people will play the Badugi Event....Does anyone even know how to play that game?
  7. *edit* misread it as capping 4th. No problem at all capping third. I dislike capping since it builds a pot and there is a whole lot of things that could go wrong with this hand. With a board like this, it's alwaysbest to assume we are playing for half of the pot. Cappinggives them better odds to continue drawing on a later street. And withyour board it is very unlikely that they will fold.Raising on 3rd is acceptable, chances are they will just calland this will probably slow them down on 4th if they wiff.If they miss on 4th, we can lead out again and hopefully take it down there.If we raise
  8. I'm sure someone will tell me I'm wrong, but isn't shoving here a little silly?
  9. I chuckled until the 4 hit.Then I raged.
  10. lol....Seems like all of my tournaments are ending like this.Poker Stars $7.00+$0.50 No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t625/t1250 Blinds + t150 - 9 players - View hand 920815The Official DeucesCracked.com Hand History Converterpscidman (UTG+2): t10266 M = 3.18duplo8 (MP1): t17681 M = 5.48shadycl (MP2): t17943 M = 5.56killingbird (CO): t13655 M = 4.23onlivier (BTN): t4117 M = 1.28moe86 (SB): t10088 M = 3.13PittiAce (BB): t23124 M = 7.17armengo1 (UTG): t15562 M = 4.83Hero (UTG+1): t5675 M = 1.76Pre Flop: (t3225) Hero is UTG+1 with A K 1 fold, Hero raises to t5525 all in, 6 folds,
  11. One can only hope, I can't bear going to Chester. Place is so damn trashy. If you decide to go check em out, let me know when your going.
  12. 2 Final Tables so far..Busted both in 6th after flopping 2 pair to a turned straight each time.Going to be one of those days.Good luck to everyone else.
  13. Two Sunday threads will be needed, feel like this one will be a biggie.Good luck to everyone playing.
  14. Better to call with 2 outs than with 1 is what you are saying?My line:Raise his bet preOn fourth, raise him again. Not only do you have a pair of aces which 99% of the time is ahead for the hi, but you can also represent a decent low.On 5th, def just call.There is no point in betting/raising here. Has a visible 8 lo now. He is not folding to any bets 95% of the time and there is a good chance we are only playing for half the pot at this point so no need to build a pot only to chop it up.On 6th, shoot yourself if you ever bet here, snap call.You have no lo and 1 pair. he has A258 showing. Bett
  15. Work about 10 mins away from Parx. Have been there are few times, talked to Ari the poker room manager and apparentlythey are trying to get the poker room set up within the next couple months.
  16. This made me lol. Sounds like my thought process.
  17. Where are you guys seeing the current hand #?Didn't it say the cash game milestones were starting around the 16th?
  18. That graph looks ridiculously familiar. Which is depressing.
  19. Best one I've seen in some time. Buy yes I'm fairly certain its a level. My name is Jeff this this thread is confusing
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