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  1. Hold it right there! Who was complaining about fake boobs? I welcome the change with open arms. Though I missed like 6 hands because of them.
  2. Her boobs are gone now.Someone must have said something.
  3. I play every now and then.I hear I'm pretty bad.
  4. Good Luck to everyone playing tonight. Might rail if I get bored.
  5. They are actually designing Dora.New one is pretty hot.
  6. Man, I'd hate to be the floor person who had to tell the all the people at the table "He shuffled the deck wrong, none of you win any money"
  7. Would have put this in the bad beat section, but I feel it really fits underdifferent criteria.I was at Harrahs Chester last night and this morning. My sessions lastedat total of 11 hours and I ended up +$340 in 1/2 NL. At the end of the 11thhour, I really reached a unknown level of mental exhaustion and was aboutto call it quits for the night.A guy to the right of me, who I had made pretty good friends with. Toldme to stick around for one more orbit since I might as well play the freecards.I didn't really intend on getting involved in anything, but I obliged, sat back down, and the cards were
  8. When Phil isn't steaming he is a great player.He is ridiculously unlucky and his biggest "leak" is tilting off due to this.I actually like Phil a lot and tend to root for him.
  9. Really?I use to think the same thing, but not anymore. I just feel sorry for him now.I mean, the dude does play extremely well 99% of the time. Can you think of one cash game he has ever played in where he hasn't hadsome sort of obscene suck out placed on him?I'd go on tilt to.I think he is playing a million x better than he use to.
  10. I get yelled at by old people for not chopping blinds. Apparently this is bad etiquette?
  11. Just to put things in perspective:Before:After:
  12. In a normal tournament I whole heartedly agree.No way I check the turn in a 5.50 Rush Tournament with Top pair Q kicker with a K high Flush Draw. But I guess that is why I am horrible.
  13. Knock yourselves out kids:http://www.myspace.com/amandaleatherman/photos
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