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  1. I really hate when people say Phil is bad at poker. I've never seen any player in the entire world get as unlucky as he does.Daniel was starting to tick me off the last couple months, but lately he has gotten a lot betterand has become much more entertaining to watch.To be honest, they have huge tournament results and phil has more bracelets than anyone else alive.I think they are allowed to be a little narcissistic.

  2. “They are trying to jam it in me around every corner. The biggest joke ever….I’m deleting the word (F**K) as often as I can, but I’m literally steaming while I right this…Broken computer and all…I’ve been playing 500-1k heads up holdem, o8 and Omaha Hi the past 2 days I have lost to 2 outters no less than 50 times. Im not kidding.”
  3. Im sorry but what you people dont understand is that anything regulated will always be better than what we have. The problems are the people who run sites like Full Tilt and Stars have never had to face background checks etc. So most of them are a bunch of criminals. We don't know where the money they make goes right. When people deposit onto these unregulated sites they never check to see whos running them only deposit options, withdrawal process, games and other things that are important to a consumer, but yet they dont look into who has all of there bank account info. Just try to take this into consideration when saying that sites run from offshore countries and places like the Isle of Mann are better options than sites regulated by our the U.S. government.
    I humbly disagree. As I'm sure the poker players of Washington do.
  4. Bob, please let me understand if I am correct...IF this bill passes, NJ casinos ie Harrahs, Trump etc will open online casinos...New Jersey residents will be banned from sites like Stars and Tilt and will only be allowed to play in these sites. These sites wont be necessarily poker friendly, so there wont be much poker action if any.This cant be a good thing right??Or am i missing something.
    This is what I'm kind of wondering myself. I don't really see how this is a good thing. I guess it increases the overall awareness of the gameand attracts new players?If I ever get banned from stars though I don't see how this would benefit me. The fact that this will be regulated scares me even more. Taxes will becomea bitch too. I'm sure there will be fairly easy ways around any blocks placed though.
  5. one of my favourite hands ever Blue Baboon: posts big blind 30 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to Blue Baboon [Ac Kd] nannaogmads2: calls 30 jonivor: calls 30 E1A2P3: folds Yujin_EX: calls 30 Trója62: calls 30 Obake: folds thomsi82: calls 30 pitaoufmg: folds Blue Baboon: raises 210 to 240 nannaogmads2: calls 210 jonivor: folds Yujin_EX: folds Trója62: calls 210 thomsi82: folds *** FLOP *** [3s Ks 6d] Blue Baboon: bets 480 nannaogmads2: raises 570 to 1050 Trója62: folds Blue Baboon: raises 210 to 1260 and is all-in nannaogmads2: calls 210 *** TURN *** [3s Ks 6d] [5s] *** RIVER *** [3s Ks 6d 5s] [7s] *** SHOW DOWN *** Blue Baboon: shows [Ac Kd] (a pair of Kings) nannaogmads2: shows [4d Td] (a straight, Three to Seven) nannaogmads2 collected 3345 from pot
    Back Door Flush/Straight draw, possible two pair and you might not have anything at all.Seeing how he was committed, seems fairly standard to me.
  6. This is very interesting.Last week I was playing $1/$2 at the casino, I raised PF with JJ, got 2 callers. The flop came out 7c3cX. I checked (had my reasons), next player bets, 3rd player folds, then I call. Just when I was about to put out the call, the dealer had already mucked the flop. So we were trying to figure out what happened, dealer screwed up. So we tried to figure out what to do, we call the floor. Floor ask what the board was, the 2 other players say the board was 7c3c5h, I tell them I don't think it was, but wasn't too sure. So the floor looks through the muck and says that it definitely wasn't the 5c as there was no 5 in the muck. So after some discussion we decide to just split the pot. We showed our hands, villain had QTo. So, yeah, I probably would've preferred the equity way.JSpencer, I think that's the reason why you can't really put the same board out, sometimes people might be wrong as to what the flop cards were.
    I really don't think it is difficult to come to a general consensus of what the board is, especially if you have a lotalready invested in the hand. We know the one guy had the nut flush, and the other guy had a full house draw.Based off of that information alone we can pretty much already reconstruct the hand. Was going to write a lot more, but too tired.
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