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  1. Can we make it a turbo?Or can we have like a monthly Negreanu open that is a hyper turbo? The $11 buy in seems fine to be. Don't really see any reason to lower it.
  2. I really hate when people say Phil is bad at poker. I've never seen any player in the entire world get as unlucky as he does.Daniel was starting to tick me off the last couple months, but lately he has gotten a lot betterand has become much more entertaining to watch.To be honest, they have huge tournament results and phil has more bracelets than anyone else alive.I think they are allowed to be a little narcissistic.
  3. I humbly disagree. As I'm sure the poker players of Washington do.
  4. This is what I'm kind of wondering myself. I don't really see how this is a good thing. I guess it increases the overall awareness of the gameand attracts new players?If I ever get banned from stars though I don't see how this would benefit me. The fact that this will be regulated scares me even more. Taxes will becomea bitch too. I'm sure there will be fairly easy ways around any blocks placed though.
  5. Back Door Flush/Straight draw, possible two pair and you might not have anything at all.Seeing how he was committed, seems fairly standard to me.
  6. Nice to see everything worked out. You are truly a gentleman bundy.
  7. Not enough information provided to come up with a reasonable answer.
  8. Snap Fold for me.And I am not a nit by any sense of the word.
  9. I take back what I said about the omaha event, just realized it was limit.Will still probably play at least something though.
  10. *NM*Info is available here: http://www.wsop.com/tourney/tourneydetails.asp?groupID=788I actually might play in two of them. I def will be playing the omaha 8 or better.
  11. Guess this means I have next month locked up.Good job.
  12. Thinly veiled? It was laid on pretty thickly.I was being sarcastic myself, I thought that would be apparent at this point.
  13. I might consider folding here for real.AA in a 5 way pot usually has a very slim chance of winning.Not really to put my tournament life on the line at this point.
  14. 2.5K-3k pre flopCheck the flop, ship if any bets.Bet the turn if both check the flop for 1/2 of the biggest stack.
  15. I'm not certain which one is appropriate, so I'll post them both:
  16. Oh hell, I thought it was 2100. I rushed home like mad, registered at 8:59 on the dot and than realized it didn't matter.Oh well. Gives me time to get good and drunk to spew off all my chips.
  17. I'll be playing in this. Just to slowroll as many of you as possible.
  18. I really don't think it is difficult to come to a general consensus of what the board is, especially if you have a lotalready invested in the hand. We know the one guy had the nut flush, and the other guy had a full house draw.Based off of that information alone we can pretty much already reconstruct the hand. Was going to write a lot more, but too tired.
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