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  1. You have to be able to read the donk mind. He's scared because he really wants to move up, but nobody has enough chips left for much of anything. It's probably been a long time since he's seen a flop and, despite how stupid it really is, he limps with some low connectors in the hopes you'll just check and he can play the flop. Then you go all-in. He realizes your range is ridiculously wide but that you probably have him beat. Still, he falsely remembers a poker book somewhere telling him that it's a positive play to call in this situation rather than just be pushed off his hand. He calls, he w
  2. I wouldn't worry about trips in this situation. It's not outside the realm of possibility, but the way the hand was played it doesn't seem likely.AK is probably the most likely but in low-limit tournaments it's extremely common for people to over-play hands like KJ or Q10, especially if they're suited.The other consideration is that he's a huge idiot chasing a flush or straight draw. But just because you've had lots of encounters with donk plays in the past doesn't mean they should affect the way you think of the game now. If you do fold here then you're going to have to shift into an aggressi
  3. There's nothing you can do. If he's an aggressive player then he's not about to slow down with a premium hand like JJ and you're not about to play scared with KK. If you reraise preflop he's either going to assume his table image worked and push all-in or call you and hit the flop anyway. It's probably not healthy to second-guess yourself on coolers. At least you were still in the tournament, albeit with only 13K and a prayer that a playable hand comes up soon.
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