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  1. John Maine tomorrow...it's going to a good bouceback game...anyone have the feeling that someone's going to get us a no-hitter this season?Quick story...friend of mine from high school works for the Mets now, and Royce Ring was staying at his place last year...anyway, a bunch of them (Ring, Maine, Pelfrey, Roberto Hernandez, Feliciano and Milledge) went down to the Marriot bar that they were staying at after the late-season callups...anyway, Feliciano hogged the music machine playing Latin music all night, Milledge was gangster, Pelfrey hit on every woman (unsuccessfully), and my buddy sat wit
  2. This is a true story:After a few coolers, I went outside to get smoke a cigarette in the fresh air. Without realizing, I locked myself out of my building. I climbed up two stories to climb through a window that a friend had knocked the screen out of and that I had accidentally left open. Cop stops while I'm climbing, but luckily, I know this small town cop. Thanks OP for another story to add to my collection!BTW - I bet more people go outside for a cigarette than fresh air.
  3. People get hit by buses when they go outside too
  4. BTW I opened a sportsbook.com account last night and created username TheDealerFarted
  5. I haven't loled this hard in a long time...I just woke up and it's still going.
  6. silentbutdeadly's knowledge would definetely help
  7. It was a dry follow-up bad math joke...anyway, dealer farts are much more important. Let's stick with that. Does anyone else have dealer fart experience? Did they half-sit up on the chair as they were doing it or did they do it furtively? Did any of the players say anything? Did the floor guy acknowledge a problem with the dealer farts?
  8. Farting dealers were actually the number one reason in the escalation in online poker as well.Jump in online poker:Farting Dealers: 53%Relative ease to play: 34%Snaggle-toothed waitresses: 9%Rising gas prices: 5%
  9. Beat me to it...I think that you may give a little more away during the one-second glance when you wait and everyone else is looking at you waiting to act. I always glance when I will be third in line to act...and it doesn't affect me so much as that I lose sight of what everyone else is doing. I tend to believe that I can be disciplined enough to stay on the tracks after I looked at my cards. I'm not really missing a ton of information....I believe tells really come into play post-flop anyway. Prior betting and position usually dictate my pre-flop play,
  10. And Jamie Gold has left the topic...
  11. I'm a Mets fan, so I hate the Yankees equally...I found myself, in the lower left-hand part of my brain, feeling a bit happy for A-Rod. I didn't know if it was the humanist part of me or what, but I can only suggest this...stick to being a Red Sox fan. You will hate him sooner than later. It's f'#&g arod. Leading the league in homers and smiling everywhere he goes...It makes me think of feeding him skull and crossbone chemicals.
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