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  1. LOL, I opened new thread to write just the same. So it isnt just me
  2. Currently watching $10.000 2-7 lowball and finally (after last 3 broadcasts I watched)... announcers are good and whole thing is more interesting to watch because of them.
  3. open URL in WindowsMedia Player:USA Link:http://bm30342.edgeboss.net/wmedia-live/bm30342/58885/575_bm30342-pokerus_090604.asx International Link: http://bm30342.edgeboss.net/wmedia-live/bm30342/58857/575_bm30342-poker_090531.asx
  4. I was watching final table and two diff dealers done same error by dealing 6th card to SB. In less than 10 minutes.No big deal if you ask me, but obv. this guy didn't forget that and .... he looked very upset when that happend for 2nd time. Probably saw 75432 before hand was declared dead.
  5. i hate breaks at 5AM. Ty to DN for skipping the dinner break and making it only 20 min.
  6. I call heads up before dinner break (10 min)EDIT: are they just agreed to continue w/o dinner break?
  7. They should invite Hong to join them in the studio and "help" them.
  8. C1: "and now he bets on th river, after he checked on earlier streets"C2: "he did check raise on turn so this is kind a standard"
  9. sry mate, i was irritated with those two...look in previous posts, there is a direct international link - you can open in WinMediaPlayer it works good with me, but thats probably b/c it's 3.40 in EU and clever people are sleeping hereEDIT: I found it again: http://bm30342.edgeboss.net/wmedia-live/bm...oker_090531.asx
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