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  1. incorrect. you all have ~300.Then you should drop the 10s like they're hot. ... sorry, didn't realize the rest of the info was given later. Looking stupid is what I get for being lazy.
  2. Maybe I'm missing some details, but I don't see how you can possibly fold this.You each have 100, blinds are 10-20, correct? You raised to 40 on the button and folded to a push. You now have 60, and are the BB, so you really have 40.By folding you gave yourself no leverage, even to steal blinds later, which makes the Gap Theory useless here. You have to call.
  3. These were both recent events which leads me to believe you're relatively new to the game, which leads me to believe that you have little to offer in the way of strategy yet to the forum.But we were all beginners once. It's ok.What about when Hoyt B*$ch-slapped Hellmuth last year??Your statement is silly, because hole card cameras are relatively new, so of course any events we discuss are also going to be relatively new. Using that information to discredit my abilities as a contributor to the forum... let me just say, excuse me if I don't take your comment seriously.
  4. It's the first hand of the 2005 WSOP Main Event. The blinds are 25-50 (I think that's where they start) and you have 10,000 in chips. UTG goes all in. It folds to you and you have KK on the button. Do you call or fold?
  5. The drunks are out in full force; this is as good as new years. Unfortunately my preflop all-in with aces fell to the dreaded K4. On the bright side, I'm still up 40 :-D. If variance can stay out of my way for the rest of the day, I'll be doing great.
  6. What happens when you get hit with a terrible luck streak and lose 8 buy-ins? You'll feel uncomfortable playing with a short roll and it WILL affect your play.
  7. Williams played aggressively and had DN visibly frustrated -- something I haven't actually seen before. But the level of play wasn't jaw-dropping to me.Williams was aggressive and picked up a lot of pots where DN had nothing. That's good. He was also aggressive when DN had huge pairs and gave a lot of his chips away. That's bad. Williams wasn't making many great reads, he was just being hyper-aggressive. I'm not saying he played poorly, just that it wasn't altogether impressive. I've only been awe-struck by two heads up matches in televised poker. The first was watching Phil Ivey outla
  8. It is okay to move up without the adequate roll for the next level, as long as you keep enough for the level you're at now.If I play 2/4 hold'em and have a 1700 dollar bankroll, I can take 500 and try out a 3/6 game. If I drop back to 1200, I'll go back to my original game. You don't need to earn a complete bankroll for the next level, but you DO need to drop back down if you end up losing on your push up, even if you feel that you're better than he game.If you're too stubborn to drop back down, wait until you get the necessary 300BB
  9. is your nine a spade? I ask because As9s and Qs9s are the only hands a good player is beating you with here.You raised the pot on the flop, raised 4/5 of the pot on the turn. A good player would have to be tilting or on crack to make this call with just a flush draw. A straight draw and a nut flush draw, on the other hand...The problem is, what else could he have? A good player also wouldn't slowplay a set on such a ridiculously draw heavy board. I highly doubt he called you to the end to bluff if a scare card hit. Overpaying for phantom outs is even dumber than overpaying for real ones.
  10. The very fact that this post exists says that Smash's "experiment" contributed to these forums. Your post, on the other hand, contributed nothing.Smash attributes his strategy of building a bankroll to SSHE, which was written by sklansky. But sklansky didn't invent bankroll management either. Maybe we should waltz over to twoplustwo and let DS know he's hogging all the credit!It doesn't matter who "invented" the concept, anyone who helps players have more success is a great contributer to the community.
  11. At no limit, I probably see about 30% of flops. More if the table is really loose/passive, less if it's a tighter more aggressive table. Although if it's a tight/aggressive table, I'll usually just change tables. The reason this works is that at the stakes I play at, many no limit players can't get away from hands like top pair. Sometimes you'll even have someone go all in against you with a missed Ace-King after the flop. It's worth it to take the worst of it preflop when you're getting such great implied odds. Especially if the table's passive and nobody raises with a premium hand.At
  12. From a strictly logical standpoint, your statement makes as much sense as me saying "You only play 10-20% of hands? What if you get aces 8 hands in a row at a passive table, will you fold anyway?"I've played less than 10% of hands for spurts, yeah, but we're talking about averages here.
  13. I couldn't earn a profit playing only 10-20% of hands. That's basically just your blinds and your attempts to steal blinds... and aces. Maybe you don't try to steal blinds, which isn't a bad plan at small stakes since it only works 1 time out of a googol.Anywho, I think a much better stat than % flops seen is %VP$IP (Voluntarily put dollars into the pot). Since flops seen will always be high at a passive table, while VP$IP stays largely constant. Unfortunately, most poker rooms don't provide this in their stat box, so you have to download poker tracker.
  14. I call here. If you manage to double through, you've also sent a nice message to Antonio. If he knows you'll call with 8-high, he may decide to stop moving into your big blind, especially if you catch him with a marginal hand when you call.
  15. I think pushing this flop would be a mistake. Your opponent's hand range includes QQ and AA here, and you don't want to lose them. Q-10 just isn't in your opponent's hand range, no matter what level you're playing at, so if he has a straight draw, it's a 4-outer. I give him a free card here, given the stranglehold you have on the hand.
  16. Despite what you all are saying, the dollar value of the game DOES matter, just not for the reasons jay has provided.The higher your stakes are compared to your wealth, the more important proper BR management becomes. Right now I'm playing at stakes that I couldn't afford to buy back into if I went broke. That means that I need to adhere to strict bankroll management, which I do. If you're playing $10 buy-in no limit tables, you can probably afford to go broke a few times and rebuy. Bankroll management is much less of an issue. Bankroll management is not a sacred mantra that defines a pok
  17. OHH mYYY GOD THE GUY IS A JOKE --I haev challenged over and over agian but n o where to befound he runs--he is a talker and not a successful player that i am sure of. HE is a talker reads his books knows the math but is a talker I say this again u are kissinf a guys ass who is nothing but a talker.STOP kissing his dead money ass. HE is a book writer who knows the math but just can't winHe's provided good advice to a lot of struggling low-stakes players. That's good for the community. It doesn't matter whether he could hold his own at a 10/20 game; he's not giving advice to those players
  18. I want to make one thing clear: DON'T OVERDO THE AGGRESSION WHEN THE BLINDS ARE SMALL.A lot of players I play heads up against on UB simply can't let a hand go. Any hand. Ever. I'm currently batting about .800 against this specific type of player. It's important to pick up pots where both of you miss, but it is also important to recognize that your opponent will occasionally have a hand, and to avoid paying him off when he does. Your aggression should be determined by the blind structures at the time and on how aggressive your opponent is. If you're up against a weak-tight player, grind h
  19. The difference is that your edge over a weak game should be bigger than that of a higher stakes game, meaning your [bB per hour/variance per hour] should be high enough that a bankroll smaller than 300BB sufficiently minimizes risk of ruin. I would argue that 200BB is fine for smaller stakes. If you’re losing over a stretch of several sessions you should definitely go down in stakes to get your confidence back, because you may not be playing winning poker at your level. Bad beats lead to tilt for top pros, none of us can claim to be immune.
  20. dude, I can't believe you just said marginal on this forum. Children post here!
  21. Well them i'm waiting for someone to give me the ABSOLUTE best way to play it.You couldn't get away from your hands postflop. That's fine; not folding aces at the 25NL level is not a significant leak in your game that will cost you too much in the long run. And don't worry about the first hand, I think you played that one OK.Just make sure that you raise enough not to give your opponent implied odds against you next time and you'll be fine. Aces are a 7.5-1 favorite against 2 unpaired undercards. Raise more than 1/7 of what you have in front of you. Forget about XxBB in this situation. I
  22. At a full Party 25NL game, you probably get called by KJs or or better and any pair if you push preflop. More than half those players judge their hands by how they see WPT players playing 3-handed on T.V. If you think pushing is an altogether bad strategy, you simply have not played the game this thread is referring to.I would argue that it is not the absolute best way to play the hand in every situation, but I don't think anyone is trying to argue that it is.
  23. If it's a sustained downswing, it could easily be a leak in your game. Start saving your hand histories and looking through them for flaws. Also download poker tracker. You get statistics on 1000 hands without having to register(and the price of PT would be too large a chunk of your BR for it to be worth it for you to register). PokerTracker will definitely help you spot leaks in your game. I don't think you need to be overly anal about bankroll management at your level. NOT because it isn't your profession, but rather because at your level, your edge over the game should be bigger compare
  24. I got KK vs AA in a no limit cash game twice within 5 hands. It was also my first 5 hands at the table, so I had no reads on anybody. It wasn't pretty.
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