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  1. So you're telling us that they believed any time you entered a pot after this you had tohave AA, KK or QQ? You got lucky and won. Godd for you. Folding AK in that position is never going to be +EV move in the long run.The fold is never +chip EV, but it could be +$EV, depending on the prize distrobution, the other stacks, how easy it is to steal others' blinds, etc. AK is only a 60% favorite against two napkins here, and if the OP can steal his way into the money, then the fold is optimal.I just don't think showing the fold makes one damn bit of sense from a metagame perspective.
  2. That's basically my take on it.I don't think many people understand how shallow the stacks are right now.
  3. Given the stack sizes, I assume by "Bluff the other guys off their hands with trash" you mean "Steal blinds." I agree that in this stage of the tournament avoiding confrontation and stealing blinds is often the best course of action -- but showing that his big blind is open to the highest bidder won't help with this. The dude had 15 BBs, so flops were gone and the game was regressing to blind stealing. The best image for this stage in a tournament is someone who will call from the BB with anything and raise with only premium hands. He defeated half this image by showing. For every "walk"
  4. What was the prize distrobution? If it was 40/60 or 30/70, then you probably made the correct decision. If it was 20/80 or 15/85, then you botched the hand something fierce.If you do decide to push, don't just push, call and then push. If you push outright, he'll be getting >2-1 on his call and will be stuck calling. If you wait until the flop to push, he might fold a hand he otherwise would have called with. Unless this is low stakes. If it's low stakes, your opponent may not understand pot odds and might think "he caught me stealing" and muck his J10 or whatever.As far as overplayin
  5. 80% in the money is wholly unsustainable. You'll know your true win rate after you play about 3000 sit n gos, until then, let's call it 40-50%.Where you can make the most money really depends on what site you play at and what your skill set is best suited for. At Ultimate Bet the no limit and pot limit cash games are softest, while at Party the limit hold'em games are the cash cows. I don't know what tables are softest at stars, because I don't have an account there, but if you splash around I'm sure you'll find something you like.Just experiment until you find what you're best at, then fo
  6. If that information is up to date, it goes a long way toward disproving all this chatter about 200 straight hours of 4-tabling.
  7. Someone at 2+2 posted this same thread about the same person. Some well respected posters knew her, and knew she wasn't a bot.And I doubt she's been on 24/7. She probably just plays when you're checking. Lots of pro players put in absurd hours. 12+ hour days by pro players aren't that uncommon, and 50 hour sessions aren't too out of the ordinary for players who use drugs. Although I'm not saying she does use drugs; I personally have no idea who this person is.
  8. I've started to enjoy MTTs a LOT more now that I've moved up to 30s and above. It's a fantastic experience when the limit matters to your opponents, and the psychology involved is great. These things simply don't exist in 5s and 10s.I've cashed in my last three 30s, but for the minimum cash each time. When the blinds get high and flop play disappears, my edge seems to shrink a lot. I'm planning on playing some Party STTs this week to get a better feel for shallow stack preflop play.
  9. Frankly, you aren't nearly deep enough to fold Kings. It's clear that the mini-raiser wants action, but 10+1 players will beg for action with a lot of hands that KK has beat. There are times when folding Kings is clearly the correct play. But generally in those situations you have >100 big blinds, meaning your opponents would only play preflop poker with huge hands. With 12 big blinds, your opponents don't need huge hands to play preflop poker. In fact any pair 10s or better and AQs or better is probably going to try and get the money in preflop. I wish you hadn't posted the results,
  10. Chip dumping in a limit cash game? There would be no benefit for you in that scenario other than to give the casino more rake. Their claim is ludacris.I hope you get it worked out and get your money back.
  11. You botched hand 2 a little bit, too. After he called on the flop, warning bells should be going off in your head. What is he calling with on that flop? Unless players at your stakes regularly call large bets with overcards or straight draws on paired boards, it's time to try and keep the pot small. I'm not saying you should have folded, because given the action it looks like you're ahead. But this is a situation where if you do get called with your big bets, you're probably very far behind.Hand 3: Why bet the pot on the turn? He called on the flop, and given that board, he probably is
  12. Ever since I started playing at Party, I've found a notorious trend: a lot of players can't lay AA down, ever.In fact, I would wager that a lot of low-stakes players are life-time losers on having AA, because they tend to lose their whole stack when it gets cracked, but only win a small amount when it holds up.The same can't be said for AKs, it takes a very special kind of player to go broke with an unimproved AK.All else being equal, of course aces are better than AK, but in poker all things are rarely equal, and some players will net a much greater profit with AK than AA.
  13. It doesn't matter. You're 75 dollars richer because you made a great play.
  14. This is a tough spot, but I really don't see what you're beating here. I like the fold.I have no idea what the BB was thinking, tough. The difference in prize money between 1st and 2nd really doesn't make this move logical in my mind. AKs looks pretty, but it's far from a sure thing against a random hand, and it hurts a lot more to lose this hand than it helps to win it. Given this payout structure, can anyone think of any reason why the BB would make this move? I can't figure it out.
  15. We don't have nearly enough information to give you much help in this hand.Were you 5th in chips out of 5 people? 10 people? 10,000 people? How many spots pay out? When were the blinds going up next, and how much were they going up to?You had 10x the BB, the next hand you played was probably going to be for all your chips, whether you did it now, or waited until you were anted down to 5-8x the BB or less before picking up a better pair. If you were 5-handed and it was winner take all, then you can ONLY fold this if one of the raisers scratches his nuts when he has 99-AA, and he just scr
  16. Yesterday I withdrew 300 from UB and deposited it at Party, and I've been building up a roll there. I'm up 8 buy-ins in 2 days, and I've only been playing at about 60%; I honestly don't even see how I'm up at all with some of the moves I've been making.The thing I had forgotten about Party is that nobody can let go of big pairs --yet everybody slowplays them. Yum Yum! You definitely win way more from aces than with aces on PP.
  17. It depends on where you're playing.If you're playing 600NL, a push will telegraph your exact hand to your opponent. No reasonable player would put you on a bluff here, because there wasn't a draw that missed.If you're playing 50 NL, push and they'll both call.The guy behind you might have a flush himself, so bet about 2/3 the pot and hope he raises. The SB is probably done with this hand once the spade hits. One of the two callers made a flush here 9 times out of 9, so he probably won't be willing to give you any more coin, unless he gets really stubborn with a set.
  18. LOL, they definitely should. Or take up the software from gus hanson's site. From what I understand, you can multi-table from one window there.I currently play at UB, but I can't get used to the mini-view.
  19. Thanks.Has anyone managed to multi-table without any overlap? I would like to be able to see the entirety of my 4 tables at once when I multi-table, but I'm not sure if it's possible.
  20. To those who play 4 tables or more, how do you do it without overlap? Specifically, what is your monitor size and what do you set your screen resolution at?
  21. wow grow some skin dude. I came to your defense when JFarrell made a ridiculous post and I wasn't belittling you, just pointing out the error in your quote. Limit is now played with two blinds as opposed to one, which makes it more open to complexities now because there is more $$$ in the pot. Back then it was much more mechanical because there was only a small(or half-blind as it was called) in the pot so you could be much more conservative. Since you have read Bobby Baldwin's section throughly then you should realize the fallacy of your qouteYou're right; I overreacted. I just find Smash's
  22. Then you're easily amused.And I'm not arguing that you're wrong, I'm arguing that you're being an ******* -- and you're proving me right with each additional post.The source I posted wasn't to prove you wrong, it was to show that anyone who hasn't played high stakes limit has no way of knowing that you're right. And belittling someone trying to learn is bad for the community, and bad for the game.
  23. I did take the time to read the section, and there's no need to belittle me, no matter how big it makes you feel.Smash is saying something is so blatantly obvious that only an idiot would fail to recognize it. It ISN'T obvious, and it isn't even necessarily true. I don't dislike his opinion, I dislike his attitude, and I also dislike yours.
  24. "The straight-forward, somewhat mechanical nature of Limit Hold'em means that most of the time you'll have to show down a hand."--Supersystem page 354.You were rudely saying?
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