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  1. $4.1M is just the rake on the main event too.They made much more than that with all the other tournys
  2. After think more about it I think this is what got me the most. I really couldn't figure out what he had. I didn't think the way he played it that he had top pair, so I guess I felt it was better to be safe
  3. Thanks for all the input. My thinking while playing the hand was I only had one pair and I thought he would only call me with hands that beat me, and since I still had a enough chips if I lost the hand it would be better to see a showdown than to go broke at that point. Was this thinking wrong?It seems like most think a value bet would be the best play.
  4. Villain was showing down some good hands to build up the chip lead and playing fairly tight.Full Tilt Poker Game #8926298961: $11 + $1 Sit & Go (Turbo) (68328687), Table 1 - 30/60 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:17:32 ET - 2008/11/11Seat 1: str8pain (1,290)Seat 2: Griff_900 (2,335)Seat 3: foreverbetter (4,690)Seat 4: GodzDice (1,450)Seat 5: kala580 (1,920)Seat 7: WVU4Sure (1,315)Seat 9: micciH (500), is sitting outforeverbetter posts the small blind of 30GodzDice posts the big blind of 60The button is in seat #2*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Griff_900 [Kd Kh]micciH has returnedkala580 foldsWVU4Sure ha
  5. I call bull.shit BABY! No chance in hell you do that to anyone.
  6. Fu.ck I hope not! He is not a franchise player. On a good team he would be the 3rd option.
  7. What happened, did they take away the car?
  8. Wow that song was fuc.king annoying!
  9. Good site. I watch Entourage and Californication there.
  10. Move out in 4 years when you finally turn 18.....other than that there isnt much you can do since you are only 14
  11. Fu.ck the Dogers! Although I do hate the Cubbies much much more so I am glad they won.
  12. Very interested. No rakeback on Tilt though
  13. I think at the very least you have to call the flop bet then re-evaluate the turn.
  14. Yup I blame the morons that voted for Bush and the retards that couldn't figure out how to get their correct vote in in Florida.
  15. As played on the flop, and knowing that he is super agro, you have to lead that turn for a small amount hoping to show a little weakness and hope that he raises so you can reraise.I also don't understand your reasoning for just calling the flop because you are afraid of getting 3 bet. You want to get 3 bet in that spot because you can shove and there is no way he is folding.
  16. Thats a super bad beat at one of the casinos I play at and would have won you the big share of $183K for losing with better than quad 8s.......it would have to be HE though.
  17. I'm blaming W for fu.cking up our economy so bad that the USD is less than the Canadian dollar.
  18. As an American this hurts the most............FU.CKING GEORGE W.Word of the $75 million U.S. claim ($80 million Canadian)
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