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  1. Guess its a good thing that I haven't withdrew money from my account for over a year.
  2. I dont think that was the hand they were discussing. It was the one that ran K high flush into A high flush on the river. Which FWIW I C/F 4th street. Betting will almost never get 54c to fold. He obv. has a low draw and possibly a flush draw in which case he has a monster hand.On 5th I would strongly consider folding as well, maybe not every time but a fold there would not have been bad. You are still drawing and there are already 2 of your hearts dead. You are only playing for at best the high half of the pot since WIDOW caught another low card and likely has a made low hand. You also have a
  3. quadaces

    My New Quest

    The real question is can you keep it UNDER 20,200 posts until 2010?There may be a prop bet on this
  4. Im good for about 1.5min.......sometimes 2 min if Im lucky
  5. I could never play in one of these cause I would so fu.ck up the rules (not even on purpose).BTW how often do people mess these things up intentionally or not?
  6. So do you use the straw that is in your nose and just snort the beer?
  7. So did you hit on any of the pediatric doctors that made your owie all better?
  8. down for $5....has to be on FT thoughedit; NM too slow
  9. I cashed 100% of my roll.....unfortunately it went to the other players at the table
  10. looking for 1 moreEdit; 2 more nowEdit 2; 1 more again
  11. temp room 40 table 4 pw; fcprunning bad so free game right now
  12. Free, I'd probably win.....got crushed earlier in 2 $5 games
  13. got raped hard......lube up please next time dude!let me know who to ship to on ftp
  14. I'll play....where do i find the room.....FTP ok?....winner take all?
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