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  1. Im all in on small cap uranium and rare earth stocks. Looking to turn 10k into 100k in 2 years. GL me.
    Short gold then. When the economy finally turns gold will plummet back to the levels it was just a year ago
  2. It's a bank.I would steal it and then ask the government to give me money to make up for the short fall of my estimated $30 million take from tax payer's money.After receiving a bail out, I would then pay back the bank, asking for a finder's fee and charge them a money management fee of 14%.I would then write off the returned money as a gift, forcing the bank to declare it as income.Then buy a congressmen or two and get invited to the White House, where I would make a pitch for being made ambassador to the Dominican RepublicBecause they have really good cigars there.In other words, I would become a democrat for a bit
    First off.....F USecondly.....I LMFAO! Well played :club:
  3. Its also based on the book "The Accidental Billionaires" by the same guy who wrote "Bringing Down the House". I read the book which I didn't think was that great but the movie seems to be getting a good amount of hype
    I read an article with one of the guys in Accidental Billionaires and he says the author Ben Mezrich took a lot of liberties with the book.
  4. Scotchy, scotch, scotch.Can't go wrong with any Johnny Walker color (except RED.....it is gross).I keep a bottle of blue handy for special occasions.
    QFT. I've had a bottle of Johnny Walker Red in the cabinet for quite a while now....never a good sign
  5. any one have any idea why I can't watch the video. When I click on the link this appears in the video box 200, stream not found,net connection.connect.failed,clip'[Clip]'mp4:video/s/scoopFORREST1AI am not able to watch any of the videos on cardplayer. I use firefox and I believe I should have all of my updates correct. any ideas?
    Cardplayer videos suck.....i always have problems playing them
  6. Playing $4-8 kill the other night. I had KJs in MP with all limpers in front of me so I limp....ends up being a family pot pf. Flop comes J27 with two spades. Checks to me I bet 2 calls button raises.....1 caller to me I reraise, one fold one call button caps all call. Turn comes 5s for the flush. Action goes check, I bet, call, button raises, fold I reraise, fold, button caps i call. Heads up on the river......comes 9s. I check and button bets I call.Did I play the hand badly?Should I bet out the river?Should I fold the river?SuggestionsI ended up winning the pot....I wanted to fold, but really Im not good enough to fold a K high flush on a non paired board. Button showed 77 and thought he won the hand, even took his river bet back and put it in his stack until the dealer showed him that he lost.

  7. Preflop is terrible. Fold pf. KJo sucks UTG+1 in FR. What are your reasons for open limping KJo here?Postflop; the only way you're going to get more value out of that hand is if someone raises you somewhere. When you make nut hands in limit holdem in big multiway pots keep pressing the bet and or raise button and don't try to be fancy.
    maybe check raise the turnapart from that you can't do much more
    Yup. Fold pf. after that flop play is goodCant check the turn. after putting in raises on the flop he is going to check behind most of the time. Always bet the turn.
  8. Soooo, I had some friends over watching the Celtics Magic game before we went out, and it turned into......If the league started over and had a fantasy style snake draft to pick new teams, what would the draft order look like.Here's my top ten picks.1. Lebron James2. Dwight Howard3. Dwyane Wade4. Kevin Durant5. Carmelo Anthony6. Deron Williams7. Chris Paul8. Derrick Rose9. Kobe Bryant10. Dirk NowitzkiOther stuff came up like' all-time starting five; all-time greatest Laker; all-time greatest Clipper; greatest college player; etc. Basically, my favorite night as a human being.
    Really? Don't think Howard would make my top 15
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