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  1. Immature players.. that is why. They think AK is alike the top and best cards in the world.I have beat the people who hold pocket Aces or AK... Don't be afraid. If you feel confidence that you will win.. go for it and collect their pots! :icon_dance:Most important, if you notice the player put all in for AK often then Challenge this player when you hold pocket of any numbers! I have beat the players while I hold pocket 2... having a pocket in your hand will have a better chance to bet the guy with AK or AQ or AJ....
  2. I played $225 NL hold'em tournaments at WPT World Poker Challenge in Reno Hilton last weekend.Three night tournaments in a row: 1) Preflop all-in2) my hands were better than others in all three tourneys.3) I lost and out because of the river in all three tourneys!!!!!!!!!I could not believe what happened! It pissed me off. So far this year It happened to me so frequently unlike last year!
  3. Last year, I made the final tables 11 times total. Are you telling me that I am a losing player? Ha... I am able to predict the next shuffle if the dealer shuffled with their hands..It is my own ability to predict.... If autoshuffers, I could not predict... I won the satellite table to enter the Wynn tournament, they don't use the autoshuffers. Then they used it at the tournament which I was surprised. Maybe just a bad day. I will try one more time if I visit Wynn again and see if I can handle that... But as I mentioned that I don't play well at any cash tables that use autoshuffers because
  4. Hello poker players & fans,I just completed the bible study courses on the internet. It was awesome. I learned alot of things that I did not know before. I thought I should share it with you because I know some of you might want to know more deeper than just read the bible. The web address is: www.exploringthebible.netIt is completely free. No spams, no pop ups, no pressure, No "knock the door", nothing. Your own time - anytime.. Simple but deep for all ages to learn. Excellence! After the first lesson, it will ask for your email address so you will get the password for the next lesson. It
  5. I have played many tournaments, but then when I played the tournament at Wynn. I was very surprised that they used the autoshuffers during the tournament. I hate it already because the first five plays, I got two pairs twice at first two plays, then I got straight three times in a row on next three plays but I lost all of it because of flush(most by the river)! Believe it or not ... I just hate autoshuffers because it is so odd that flush came out five times in a row... I prefer to have the dealer to shuffle and deal with real hands rather than Autoshuffers...I am worrying that in the futu
  6. So I take my hat off to Daniel and the rest of the world poker stars that have made it somewhere, because I know this game/sport isn't as easy as it looks on t.v.I agree with this comment. I just start to play Hold'em tournaments in last four months as I am new to the poker world. I have made into top 35 in several tournaments. Some tourneys, I walked away in empty feelings due to bad beats. I understand that we must have a good day or bad day. It is so amazing me to see these professional pokers like Daniel have made into the finals several times. Of course it takes a matter of time to gain
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