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  1. Where did you first meet Ivey and Cunningham? Vegas, AC? What was your first impressions with their play and how did you start becoming a team?
  2. Would you rather win the main event this year or win 3 bracelets for < 1mil total this year during the wsop?
  3. What's your current relationship with Phil and Allen?I know you say you're friends but could you elaborate? Do you ever call them up just to talk and chill out at each others houses and stuff?Seems like Allen fell off the face of the earth and disappeared and he's one of the best players in the world, but he does go deep in the ME alot
  4. How did you end up getting so close with Allen, Phil, and John?Any funny stories with them from back in the day?You should talk about stories from these guys in your "degen story of the week" in your weekly rant
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