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  1. No doubt that the Black Blair will win. Socialism is what America is craving, and you're all welcome to it. We've had enough of it here in England, that's why we exported the lovely Mr Blair to those who would have him and his ideas.I think in a democracy you can stay in the country even if you don't vote for the winner? but if not, you won't want to come to the other socialist countries that were listed.Good luck....you'll need it
  2. But that's why History has seen this tactic work so many times before, and why the future will see it work again in the future.Most people don't vote with their heads they vote with their hearts. If you can get them emotional, and give them hope, they will run with you.
  3. It's a wave. Hard to stop a wave. Tony Blair swept the country with "things can only get better". Not lofty goals really.We will improve the Health service, We will all have more, We, We, We.....I want to believe.....In these situations politicians don't need to have facts, or ways to accomplish what they say, the mere promise of it is enough to bring voters along for the ride.
  4. It's an interesting one, and something we face here in England too. We have people coming to our country just because we have the National Health Service, and they want free treatment. With our system illegal immigrants are not afforded free health care, but the doctors do not have the facilities to check every patient that turns up needing treatment.Legal immigrants bring a whole host of benefits to a country, and very often they work extremely hard for the increase in living conditions. I had an operation last year, and not one of the 3 Doctors I saw along the way was English. Each of them w
  5. Sorry guy, I've been there before and seen it all.I give you Mr Tony Blair. Americans still love him because he has "personality". He was as deep in the whole Iraq fiasco as anyone.I was one of those swept up in the wave of Socialist "we can do it together" sing-a-longs. People like to feel that everything is going to get better, and everyone will be in it together. The truth is there will always be people who work hard for what they want, and those who will sit on their butts and take whatever is given to them. That's one of the main problems with socialism.I hope I'm wrong, and that Obama ca
  6. I don't think there's much doubt that the interviews were bad for the Republicans. But there is no way this race is even as close as it is without Palin. She gave the race a little interest for a week or two, and gave McCain some space on the news that the Republicans would never have got otherwise.This election is so over, they may as well call it now. That way us Canadians, and English can stop debating things we have no control over anway
  7. I really don't see the problem, aren't all Americans financially invested in who wins the debate?
  8. LOL, I love you guys. It's true Socialism.WE've had 10 years of it here in England, and look at our Economy. You guys are gonna vote in the Black Blair, and then us Europeans will swoop in and buy up all your businesses when your economy tanks even more.It's a sign of things to come.
  9. "When Obama says he would speak to his enemies, I think that's what he SHOULD be doing. All past presidents have spoken to their enemies except for this nincompoop."Barack Obama - who has said repeatedly that America must meet with its enemies, including the tyrants who lead Iran, North Korea and Cuba - drew the line yesterday in refusing to talk with Hamas."They're not heads of state. They don't recognize Israel," Obama told reporters. "You can't negotiate with somebody who doesn't recognize the right of a country to exist." NEW YORK POST March 4th 2008
  10. Dude, get a proper job, stopping wasting your life playing poker, and never, ever take advise from a gambler (including me)
  11. yeah the AFP really are into this right wing propaganda game.There isn't a conspiracy in every article you know. Most of the time they just tidy things up so people don't sound like bumbling fools, constantly saying "you know" because their brains don't move as fast as their mouths.But just for you here is exactly what Obama said:"We can't drive our SUVs and, you know, eat as much as we want and keep our homes on, you know, 72 degrees at all times, whether we're living in the desert or we're living in the tundra, and then just expect every other country is going to say OK, you know, you guys g
  12. Sadly Daniel seems to be forgetting that a democratic process involves people voting for who they want. To Tarnish people who don't vote for Obama as racist is just pathetic. Sure some of those who won't vote for Obama probably are. Just like some of the 91% of black voters are voting for Obama because he is black.Some of the women voting are voting for Hillary because she's a woman.Some of the men are voting for Obama because they dont want a woman president.And I'm sure Obama would want Florida to count if he'd won there.You'll learn one day, that it's POLITICS. Nothing changes but the seaso
  13. What the difference??? Daniel wrote his because of Marc, Barny wrote his because of Daniel.And if it wasn't for Marc it would have just been yet another internet rumour and they could have kept it private.
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