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  1. 1. Phil Gordon (tie)2. Chris "Jesus" (tie)3. David Williams (really cool and down to earth)4. Erik Sidel (very humble)5. Phil Laak (funny dude)I don't have Daniel on this list because I have met him on a few occasions and came across cocky to me. Seems like he expects everyone to know who he is.........Also, Phil Ivey has a tough character, but once he warms up is actually a cool guy. Believe it or not, Chan is also a very nice guy as well. Spent some time talking with him in Vegas. Nice guy.
  2. Ha........that is the most ridiculous statement I have read. I guess we are all good players here right? So that means we should all be making the right moves all the time and winning every single time right?I do consider myself a more then average players, but even the best players make mistakes from time to time. Regardless, I am 10K richer today then I was yesterday morning.
  3. Again, I am not justifying me laying down AA's. The right move would have been to call. But, my gut told me otherwise.Please........ you guys think way to much in your move. Show me one person on here, including Mr. Danny N that hasn't made a move based on his gut and I will show you a pathetic liar. Many pros that play in the circuit or large cash games don't always use mathmatical probabilties to make certain calls or lays. Watkinson, Hansen are just some examples. Hell, even the great Johnny Chan has made some ridiculous moves where many felt it should have been played differently. I have b
  4. wasn't trying to justify it. like i admit, it was the wrong thing to do. i ended up going with my gut feeling.
  5. I'd say more 75/25 Really. How do you feel when your AA get cracked? Is it skill at that point?No one controls the cards.
  6. Obviously if im SS, I push it in. No hesitation. If it were against one player, absoultely I make the call. I would still have a nice advantage over the 2nd place player. I never said this was going to be a favorable decision. And not all the times your going to play "by the book". I went with my gut and I am happy I did.
  7. No questions about it. It was the right move. But my gut told me different. Not all the times your going to make the right mathmatical move. This game is 50% skill and 50% luck. I wasn't feeling it. SO, I made the choice.Whether it was right or wrong, the outcome was I still ended up winning the tourney.And to the guy that claims that anyone playing a $500 buy in tourney shouldn't be making this question, it was just share my story. However terrible you may think the play was.
  8. Ok. Earlier in the tournament I been dealt pocket A's 3 different times. Each of those times I got them cracked. This played in to my decision which everyone here will disagree with. I am either a bunghole or merlin the mind reader.After a considerable amount of time (which felt like hours), I finally decided to throw away my pocket A's. YES I THREW THEM AWAY!If I called and got cracked I would be in a dead heat with my opponent. If I folded, I would have a 2-1 advantage and have a shot at winning the 10K. As one guy said, I am in it to win it. I wanted to gaurantee myself a legitimate shot at
  9. Ok......Let me set this up for you guys/gals. $500+50 buy-in (no rebuy no add-on). 50 players, all starting off with 5,000 in chips (250K in play). Top prize is $10,000.Ok.......Fast forward to the final table with the last 3 players. I own 2/3 of the chips in play (165,000). Blinds are 2000/4000 with 300 ante.I am the BB. The button moves all-in (42,000). SB moves all-in (43,000). I look down and stare at 2 red AA.2nd place pays $5,000 and 3rd place pays $2,500.What would you do?I will give my play later on. But discuss this amoung yourselves.
  10. Boy Daniel got the hell out of there in the 4K/8K after 5 hours when he was up 500k+....................LOL
  11. I would call since I have TPTK and the "nut" flush draw. But that's me. I would think he has AK or AQ. Him having pocket A's doesn't seem likely. Most definitely I would call his reraise.
  12. This really isn't one of my worst beats. I recall a tourney I was playing in and I was at the final table. I believe we 9 players. I had about 25K in chips and was on the button.I was dealt pocket 10's and I make it 5500 to go with the blinds at 500/1000. Everyone folds except 1 player who makes a weak call.Flop comes 7x,10x,2x. Player checks to me and I push my chips all-in with my trip 10's. He calls and reveals pocket 5's.Turn comes 5x. River comes 5x.His quad 5's bounce my 10's over 5's. Now that is a terrible beat.
  13. The RIO has a $40 tourney every day at 12:00pm. Usually around 4 to 5 tables. Decent players and payouts are pretty generous.Nugget has an early bird special tourney. 1st hour is limit and then n/l after the break. Same thing here, about 4 to 5 tables worth.Night tourney hands down has to be the Mirage. Thursday night there is a $230 tourney that gets around 100+ people in it. Satellites ($65) run during the day for the buy-in for the nightly tourney.Cash games are Mirage, Bellagio, and Palms. For good n/l action, then go to Mirage. Go to the Palms if you want to play n/l with some hottie with
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