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  1. You have no idea what Daniel does for charuty and such. You admit that you have signed up for a tourney and wasted it. Its a waste just the same. You could have given that money to a Katrina Relief Fund instead. You should be ashamed of yourself :roll:
  2. i guarantee I could give him at least 15,000 hands of mediocre play, but I had no tracking software. Once I got it I actually started learning and improving. I think the reason people dont send it in is because they dont have it tracked, not because they are embarassed
  3. If I recall dident DN say to hellmuth that he needs to stop worrying about all the great buisness with poker and just play. I think he needs to take his own advise.neverwinpoker.comIf I have an opinion I will share it. I wasent saying DN has lost his touch orany other thing donks say, I was saying that with him being so buisy and not playing nearly as much as he used to its less likly he'll have the same results.I see what you are saying, but i have to agree with Iveyfan here:neverwinpoker.com
  4. So basically, you are awesome at poker and never fold a draw? Please keep posting, especially in strategy, I need to learn from you Jedi Master! (sw)
  5. You asked what I think so here you go. . . .The first hand with AK against A8, if he would have gone broke on the hand, say the guy had the str8 or a set, the same people would talk shit about how he has lost his touch. With Daniel right now, there is no winning. He had a phenomenal year last year which is pretty hard for anyone to replicate. He may be distracted with everything else going on in his life, but no other pro has the amount of scrutiny in their lives as DN because no one else opens themselves up for this. Whoever the smart guy was that said they could beat him heads up, FYI, he h
  6. whats a censored?I think he meant "wildman in the sack"....but that's just my interpretation.that was my first guess too., but i wanted to make sure.this was my interpretation as well
  7. MADE - Favreau's finestBoon Dock SaintsAmoros PerrosSLC Punk
  8. My God! Smash has absolutely owned the entire NWP community with that post. Amazing! IMHO, some of his best work to date. They flame DN over soooooo much, its almost all their site is about. When we do half of what they do, they freak. As far as challenges, Big Poppa Dump on NWP always tries to play people for around 5K in limit. If Smash played him, I would download whatever site they played on and be a total railtard this entire day of work! Keep up the good work Smash!
  9. This is sooooo true! Focus on your senior year, not school so much. If you have a good GPA you are fine unless you are chasing an honor. Interview, interview, interview to give yourself the best possible job out of college set-up before you even graduate, it helps alot. Also, think of your career path/paths as a ladder. The higher up the rung you get straight out of school, the easier it is to move up the ladder later. This is why your first job is so important. My senior year I had a blast with my fraternity brothers. We did enough stupod stuff, road trips, and women to fill a novel with. The
  10. Definitely after Poker at the Plaza against Freddy Deeb was when I first got interested in DN. That one hand where he made Freddy lay down the best hand was beautiful. Granted, Freedy isnt the best NLHE player, but I didnt know that then. FCP has certainly elevated my involvement in the DN bandwagon
  11. Back to the OP:AD is absolutely f'n hilarious. Clever writing, great character development, and plot. For me it has the single funniest moment in T.V. I have ever seen. When Tobias is "Mrs. Featherbottom" and jumps of the stairs into a coffee table to impress Maybe, I died laughing. With TiVo the hilarity ensues over and over and over and over! The best show on as many have said is hands down Entourage. Curb just doesnt appeal to me that much. The O.C. is coming soon. . . dont act like some of you dont watch it!
  12. Have you found yourself in converstion with people and actually used the word censored instead of a curse word? I have and I absolutely laughed my ass off when they were like "censored, what?" :cry: . yes i have.i've also been reading off license plates as AJP 907 (Ace Jack P. 9 0 7)F'n poker forums! Whats up with the Pm we discussed
  13. Have you found yourself in converstion with people and actually used the word censored instead of a curse word? I have and I absolutely laughed my ass off when they were like "censored, what?"
  14. You know how disasterous last night could have been so there is no need to beat you up about it. I would just seriously think of the implications alcohol can have on judgement and dont let yourself get in that situation again. Imagine how you would feel today if you were down to $2000? $1000? $500? $0?Is 12 beers, shooting of steam, etc. worth it?
  15. www.acesfull.comwww.topdawgpoker.comwww.skyhighpoker.comwww.penthousepoker.comwww.highrollerpoker.comwww.pokerfresh.comwww.pokersbest.comwww.gopropoker.comwww.newbiepoker.comwww.downtownpoker.comwww.biggamepoker.comwww.pokerdream.comwww.pokerlicious.comwww.pokernow.comwww.deepseapoker.com (home of the biggest fish)www.fishmarketpoker.com
  16. To be honest, Royal Tours logo was the one I thought was the best. It was more professional and actually something I would wear as opposed to the final selection. I get the whole thing that Daniel loves hockey and all, but its a f'n poker shirt. Royals logo actually had elements of "branding" and over time would become recognizable. Royal,Is there any way you could send me the logo you created and I can get my own polo's made with it? I want to represent FCP, but would rather not use the selected logo. Sorry to whomever created the winning logo. It is certainly creative and props on creating w
  17. Does this apply solely to 10 handed or will it work 6 handed?
  18. Unbelievable! What an absoulutely horrible thing to say about someone with zero reliable sources and pure speculation. Maybe I will speculate. Who told you? Your buddy watching the WSOP with you in Maine? The part about her leaving her husband and more importantly kids behind is just wrong to say without a credible source. If you overheard Howard telling someone I apologize and you are right. If not STFU!
  19. This is quite simply beautiful. There really is no other description. Thank you Royal. FCP salutes you! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
  20. Thanks guys. It was a horrible starting hand, horribly times, and ran into monsters. Not that it needed confirming, but it helps to know that all of the things I have told myself afterwards reiterated. My favorite was the one saying "its 1-3NL do you really have to make crazy moves like that to win?" Thats the truth. I had turned $100 into $330 just playing solid, and tried to get all fancy.
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