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  1. Gus: Acne? What Acne?Magician: Nothing, forget I mentioned it!
  2. Calling a bet on the river with the words: "I know you've got me beat, but I have to see it""One time" when calling a bet pre-flop with 3-4 off suit"I'm playing my rush - Live 6" (in 3-6 game)"Can I get a seat change? This seat has no luck""I always play 10-7 off suit. It's DN's favorite hand""I have the nuts", and then showing a losing hand"all-in never loses" (in limit games)"deuces never loses""That's my lucky dealer""change the deck please"
  3. "deuce never lose""I know you've got me beat, but I have to call you""All-in never loses" (especially often heard in limit games)Often heard in 3/6 games: "Live six""I'm playing my rush""One time""I've got the nuts" (and then turning over a losing hand)
  4. Same rule exists in the casino where this happened (Casino San Pablo), but unless it is extremely overt the dealer will let you get away with it and not involve the floorman. After all, the dealer stands to profit too (from the expected tips)
  5. Agreed. I usually play 3/6 cash games at my local casino. But every Saturday and Sunday they do a small (40 people + 5-6 alternates) NL tournament, with the first price $595. Buy in $25 and one $20 rebuy in the first 3 rounds.Fun to do, good tourney practice, cheap to enter, and with such a low number of players pretty good odds.Overall though, the cash games, even at 3/6, are much more profitable.
  6. I've seen guys so upset at what they considered a bad beat that they literally tore up their hole cards - and promptly got banned from the casino!It's counter productive to get upset. Getting upset doesn't make the outcome any different, and it makes only YOU upset. The other players love it, because you're on tilt and they will profit. Just give it up! Walk away for 5 minutes if it's in a live game.Come back when you're cooled off.
  7. I am the source. I was at a neigboring table."Sugar" is known as a nasty bastard, and is not in need of money. My impression was that he loves being talked about, good or bad.And yes, that is absolutely the stupidest thing I've ever seen! All nine other players actually asked for a table change after this happened, and the floorman could basically do nothing about it.
  8. I wanted to share a story about a "bad-beat jackpot that wasn't", and get your opinions.Location: Casino San Pablo (CA)Date: Saturday June 18th 2005Game: Texas Holdem 3-6Bad beat jackpot: $5000 : 50% to beaten hand, 25% to winning hand, rest is table share. Qualifier: AAAJJ beaten, hole cards must play.One hand transpired where the board showed AA58A"sugar", a regular at the casino (and therefore very familiar with the jackpot structure) is first to act after the river and checks. Seat 5 is the only player left in it with him. This is a new player (not familiar with the jackpot structure). Thi
  9. Which cardroom/casino is in San Pablo?Casino San Pablo, it's an Indian CasinoThat's my home casino. play there every weekend.Nice small NL tournaments (40 people, 25-20 buy in, $595 main price) on Saturday and Sunday's (be there early to get in!).pretty loose 6/12 games. 3/6 is "no-fold-em hold-em".Smokey environment though!
  10. Great immitation of Sexton by Daniel!! Hilarious.
  11. I am a low limit (3/6) player, and doing pretty good. You are spot-on with this advice!
  12. Thank you Daniel, when properly enforced I might even post again here!
  13. In the card room where I play this would be a bad beat, but ONLY if it is a limit game. (No bad beat jackpot at no-limit holdem).It is a bad beat if both cards in hand play. 50% of the bad beat jackpot to the 4 Ks, 25% to the 4 Aces, the rest divided between all players at limit tables in the house
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