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  1. Isn't their bet only apply to tourneys they both play? Yes, I know DN signed up for the horse tourney, but he let Ivey off the hook previously when he didnt actually play, so I assume Ivey let DN off the hook for the HORSE event.
  2. [ ] Stayed at theHotel yourself[x] Wife stays regularly at theHotelhmmm
  3. From the story at ESPN.comhttp://sports.espn.go.com/espn/poker/news/story?id=3375032"With this change, the players will return to Harrah's, which will host the event, on Nov. 9 to begin the final table. The "heads-up" final will start "late in the evening" on Nov. 10, with a champion crowned Nov. 11."What the heck this mean. They are going to stop play when it gets to heads up and return the next day to play heads up? Also, are they going to Harrah's or Rio? or somewhere else. Not that I really care, just curious why they would also change the venue.
  4. I want to work in 'the bunker'. Wonder if they have any openings?
  5. From PokernewsDavid 'Chip' Reese, 1951-2007Reports are quickly circulating about the sudden and untimely passing of poker legend David 'Chip' Reese overnight. Details are still emerging on Reese's shocking passing, and a complete obituary on one of poker's all-time greats will be published in the near future. Reese was a feared cash-game legend and a regular member of the 'Big Game' at the Bellagio, who focused less on tournaments than other players. Still, Reese demonstrated his poker mastery by winning the first-ever $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event at the WSOP in 2006, his third career WSOP bracele
  6. Wow,Chip was awsome. One of the best shows of the Circuit (back in the day when they were on Card Player) was with Chip Reese right after he won the 50K event last year. His stories were so fascinating, they were cool. Here they are if anybody wants to listen to them.Part 1 - http://media.cardplayer.com/audio/t/the_circuit_123.mp3Part 2 - http://media.cardplayer.com/audio/t/the_circuit_124.mp3RIP Chip
  7. arg, finished 951st. With an M of just over 1, I pushed with K9. What do you guys think? should I have waited for the 60 bucks instead of 40 bucks at 901st place?
  8. Just lost a few key hands, but still at 28k at break - table 1985
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