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  1. no such thing. the worst possible is around 17:1 (10:1 if heads up)Dear btlee,How about a [$100-500, your choice, prop bet] card player hold em calculator gave me 2.5% of winning, (I know card player has mistakes*)Second prop bet, if you can still afford it, I will show you situation that it is impossible to win (some rare tie possibilities exist), all preflopWe transfer the money through pokerstars account?Waiting upon you, the torpedoP.S. we post it all on this forum and please don't chicken out...*especially in handling ties plug in the follollowing situation:Player A: AcAh Player B:7c
  2. I think one of my strengths is that I never tilt nor get angry at the poker table*. Recently near the bubble at a live Vegas tourney a guy made a move with 57o I woke up to AA he floped a straight. It didn't bother me. everyone at the table was going nuts that I was not flipping outI can tell two bad beat stories that I was on the good side of the bad beat at final tables and won (39:1 and 6.5:1 preflop, all-in), it works both ways it is part of the game.I have many other leaks but that is not one of them.*I will get angry at myself for playing bad as I am walking away from a table never at ot
  3. When you need to amass chips in a tourney when blinds are low I will limp a certain percantage of the time especially if the table is loose and I can expect a raise. Yes you risk the bad beat, but if you are good at slowing down and getting away from AA it is better than winning the blinds when they are low
  4. My name is Inigo Montoya, You killed my father, prepare to die
  5. Sick all in, a big raise would have got raymer of his 6.He still had 10 outs, twice, though...
  6. Fold any hand with a J no ifs no butsThe only exception if you are in the BB and no one raised then see a free flop only with JJ and ONLY if you flop quads play and still be very weary
  7. I recently was chip leader at the final table of like a really big tournament. I raised strongly with KK and got called by second chip leader put him on AA. Flop comes AKK I flopped my quads and he got his FH he went all in so of course I folded I mean like throw away chip lead cause like he can catch his case A and then like I'd be drawing dead.
  8. Why so slow did you need coaching how to use google?
  9. Good List, question is verification of the sources.Poker:Mickey Appleman, poker champion (4 WSOP bracelets) Lyle Berman, poker player & business executive (3 WSOP bracelets) Barry Greenstein, poker player & philanthropist (1 WSOP braclet) Perry Green, poker player (3 WSOP bracelets) Jay Heimowitz, poker player (6 WSOP bracelets) Howard Lederer & Annie Duke, poker players (2 & 1 WSOP bracelets) (unconfirmed) David Sklansky, poker player & author (3 WSOP bracelets) (unconfirmed) Jack Straus, poker player (2 WSOP bracelets, 1 championship) Stu Ungar, poker player (5 WSOP brace
  10. Greenstein is a very Jewish name. William Cohen and Caspar Weinberger were both Secretaries of Defense, both are very Jewish last names and it is a documented fact that both were not Jewish.Here is how that came about. In western societies last names are inherited paternally whereas Judasim is inherited maternally.If your catholic mom married Jewish mr. Greenstein. You're last name is Greenstein but you are not Jewish (according to Judaic law).All we know about barry is his last name is of Jewish heritage.
  11. This goes to a basic question on what is "talent" and the short answer is that there are differnt types of talent. You can be a telented world class violinist and not be able to do algebra etc etcSuccessful poker needs certain talents, is there a correlation to general IQ I assume yes but a mid level correlation only
  12. In NL tourneys it really depends on the stack/blinds ratio and the agressiveness of the table. Early I usually don't wan' t to raise and have everyone fold. Yes I will take my chances in a tourney you have to gobble chips and I can lay down AA. I will also do it with KK at a lower ratio and better read of the table.Later on when the blinds/antes are large it is a differnt situation completly
  13. Since they ARE fish. Large raises is actually one of the tools at their disposal. They cannot play well post flop so if they are in let it be with a large raise.
  14. I actually prefer tourneys with good structure over "soft" fields. Play tight early on. A soft field has advantage with bad structure as it takes skill away, why play a tourney where the soft have advantage?
  15. Technically you can grab your chips and run...(and later hear you hit a Q high straight)
  16. No idea on Dan. The physics are simple and does not matter where the dealer starts the ball at all matters where ball is now, and its speed and rate of deceleration. Based on that you can "calculate" where it will fall. Using that knowledge you know where the rotor will be based on its position now, speed (rotational speed to be exact) and rate of deceleration. Sure the ball will jump around a bit and the calculations/measurements are not exact but it you can "rule out" as little as 1/8 of the rotor where it will be you have great odds (bet everywhere else). Why is this illegal because in Neva
  17. His odds were over 60%, for a house game, i consider that insane. Even 51% percent, i consider crazy. And yeah, he did get caught, quickly. And, oddly, you can't find a single thing for it online. I feel like he traded his life for keeping his secret.The only mention of it ive ever seen was a card player article on him. (you know those aces of poker articles)Roullette can be beat both ways are illegal cheating (unlike blackjack counting which is not illegal).1. When you bet at roullete you get color coded chips for your checks so that you can differentiate between the different players bet
  18. Wrong: with the 6 on board someone with 78 could get 9T runner runner (all same suit)
  19. If you think about it this is exactly the Hellmuth story. He was a one time wonder and won the WSOP. And it's been downhill since.I think the first fillmaff was hillarious... been downhill since
  20. I was specifically talking about the internet part. And my post did contribute to the question about his limits. Did your post do anything other than show that you don't read things before comenting on them? And really what does your living in Denmark have to do with anything? Obviously they have the internet in Denmark, but wasn't it also covered that him ducking out there was a rumor? The guy lives in Monte Carlo I believe. And I have not heard or seen anything to make me think he his struggling with his money. What's the deal with assuming that Gus is broke? He is obviously one of t
  21. I've only been in Denmark once so I may be wrong, but technically he could be playing pstars from over there. I vaguely remember that they have electricity and all and they might have internet (assumption only) so not sure if your response contributes to the issue at all of whether gus is around or not
  22. Not clear on this it can not be the 5 hi if the A is on board as the next 2 cards could make a royal. Example A is on board you hold KT and ir comes runner runner QJ (all same suit)if you hold 2,3 and it is "6 hi" Implying flops 4,5,6 then you already do nut have the nuts (7,8 would be the stone cold nuts)
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