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  1. I don't like to slowplay often, but the times I do is when there aren't a lot of likely draws on the board. For example if I hold 5-5 and the flop comes down 5-K-9 rainbow I'd definately slowplay here, no reasonable flush/straight draws out there so the chance of someone drawing out on me is small enough for me to let them see a free card or two. If I held 5-5 and the flop came down 4-5-6 with two spades, however, I'd bet big on the flop and try to make people pay to hit their flush/straight draws.
  2. Four things that will definately help you become a better limit HE player:1) Read. I know you said that you already read SSHE twice, which is great, but be sure to keep reading it over and over whenever you get a chance. I've read SSHE about 20 times and everytime I've learned something new or understood a concept better. Some other good poker books you might want to check out are Theory of Poker by Sklansky, Hold 'em Poker by Sklansky, and The Psychology of Poker by Alan N. Schoonmaker. 2) Discuss your hands with people. Whether here, or on a different forum, or with friends, get help/comment
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