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  1. Well we're in the money in poker rewards 20k guar. rebuy.. Gonna try to make the wicked final table.. i know you fcp'ers are bonus who-res so some of you have poker rewards.. anyways.. come check me out..woot..
  2. pokerroom is tough to clear..i finally hit my pso requirement last night after a loooong session.. theres no way ill keep playing there to clear the site bonus.. i still need 1500+ pokerroom points.. no thanks for 200 bucks..
  3. well.. gank is brett jungblut.. he won a bracelet in last years wsop.. johnnybax is the #1 ranked online player right now.. he's nasty..i dont play on pstars, so i dont know the others....oh yeah.. jbax won a bracelet this year in stud.. was his first time ever playing the game too..
  4. yeah.. i agree with the pros that people gave.. huge tournament overlays.. weak players in the cash games, great customer service.. the software is great.. looks nice and is fast.. cons.. well.. i dont mind the suckouts when they pay me off eventually.. for tournaments, because of the huge overlays, more and more online pros are playing in the big weekend tournys.. but thats not such a big deal i guess.... ahh.only real con i can think of.. pokertracker doesnt work for that site yet..
  5. hey dylan, is seneca casino the best place in that area for NL tourneys? thisis what ive been told and would like to confirm that if possible.. i hear their daily 50 dollar buy in events have over a hundred people or so, which would be perfect..
  6. well.. i decided to go nutbar for a little bit before i go to sleep.. so i went to a quaint .5/1.00 on party.. i didnt even scout the table as i played a mini SNG.. to make a long story short about a short session of 30 hands or so, i caught some cards against the maniacs, which set up all my future raises with absolutely nothing.. then i caught some garbage rivers.... all in all, i left with over 30 BB's in as many hands. yes.. a whopping 30 bucks.. do i hear, weekly nutbar trips? YES.....funny thing is i flexed my roll a little right when i sat.. i told the table that i have some money to
  7. silly..no one mentions my boy aesop rock? atmosphere? i say good day to you sirs..
  8. JWeb....MUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH better avatar.i'd hit it..oh, and in reply to the OP.. good post. i agree there's much negativity on here.. but then i remind myself.. why am i here? oh yeah.. to read DN's blogs .. after that, it's pure entertainment (like most things in life).. contrary to what most people do on here, i don't even read strategy anymore.. mainly because if everyone played the same, we'd all be average players. sure, i've picked up some nuggets here and there, but for the most part it's impossible for me to agree with many of the posts in strat, or more to the point, people in strat
  9. hello fcp'ers.. Ill be traveling to buffalo in a few days.. Actually, just outside of buffalo, in a town called angola (yes, home of mickey rats and captain kidds). Anyways, me and some friends are going to be hitting up seneca casino for some NL tournys during the week, and hopefully some other casinos if time permits.. If anyone who lives near there wants to get up and co-ordinate some meet ups to play poker at one of the casinos, float me a private message on this site, and we'll do that.. peace.
  10. well, as DN said on the poker show, there's just too many events.. i imagine it's harder to get up for all the smaller buy ins, and still give it 100%.. personally, i can play a bunch of smaller buy-in NL tournys, and not care and not win also. but if i take a week in b/w tournys and only play one of the majors online, i usually do pretty good.. DN's just waiting for the main event where he'll bring his A game ..
  11. looks to be a good one.. cunningham makes yet another final table this year.. he's joined by hellmuth, ivey, and williamson III.. gonna be a great final table to watch.
  12. yeah.. absolute is horrible.. i lost about a hundred on there, wasnt anywhere near to clearing my full bonus, so i cashed out once i got my PSO points.. because i have nothing nice to say about absolute, i wont say anything else..
  13. go to sleep kdawg! and why arent you multi tabling?
  14. ill stake you.. how does 100 bucks sound? ill take 50% of your profits until i double my stake.. .. or i can just play poker myself and make a hundo in an hour and not have to worry about whether or not iam getting paid back.. hmm..ill still stake you :wall:
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