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  1. The driver's license doesn't, but my national ID card has my address on it, so I guess I'll be all right.
  2. The article also mentions a utility bill, which is not even identification - I have 3 photo IDs with me, but no utility bill (WTF? Who goes on vacation and brings their utility bill?). I'll check out next week whether I can register to one of those 235$ side event tournaments.
  3. Since I cannot draw at all, that's pure magic to me. As for not having had a new member in years, didn't we have a screen play writer recently?
  4. Counterpoint: eSports competitor granted pro-athlete visa I don't know if poker is a sport, but if competitive eating is classified as a sport (and I don't know either, if it is), then so should poker.
  5. Now that I am back home for one and a half weeks, I managed to write up a sort of Las Vegas trip report. It'd be awesome, if you guys (and the women as well, of course) could saunter over to http://kaiherbertz.com/2013/06/11/11-what-happens-in-vegas/ and have a look
  6. Thanks, Bob. Alas, my run came to an abrupt end. After 6 hands of folding, I pushed A5o UTG+1 for 2900 chips. At blinds of 300-600 and antes of 75, it would have been a trivial call anyway, but to add insult to injury, the big blind woke up with KK.
  7. I've barely survived day 1a, hanging in there with 3.7k chips. Wish me luck, I need a couple of double ups...
  8. I'm actually going to be in Vegas for the first time this WSOP, but I'm already flying back to Europe on the 1st of June. The 5k event is a bit too rich for me, but I want to play that 1k tourney on the 30th of May. It's a pity you're skipping the "cheap" events, it would have been nice to get the chance to play together.
  9. New Year's resolutions for 2013 include cutting down on my internet time, which in turn means less online poker. Good thing, considering that online poker is so much more difficult than live poker. EDIT: "more difficult" is perhaps unclear, for the game is the same. I find that the competition online is a lot stronger, though.
  10. Perhaps, but for me 200 VPP per month is a lot of volume, so if I am depositing, it will be 20 bucks.
  11. Eating my words here. Tried it for a couple hundred of hands and so far the experience has been positive. Hopefully it continues like this.
  12. This is FTP's rush poker with a different name, right? Thanks, I'll pass.
  13. This is it for 2011 and predictably, I've only achieved the poker goal. For 2012 I'll set a mix of easy and hard goals that are also tiered.Poker- play 50k hands of poker. DONENon-Poker- write 50k words (preferably fiction). 15k / 50k- burn 50k calories with cardio. 2k / 50k
  14. Do they really have to be properly rolled for this, though? It's not like the $1 million tournament is something they will be grinding on a weekly basis, so traditional bankroll management might not be applicable. Besides, if I lose half of my roll by taking a shot, it's a catastrophe. If these guys lose a million (which probably isn't even half of their bankroll), they are still going to be millionaires.
  15. I know, but I still need to bump this one more time at the end of the year...This bump is a few days early, because I am going on a four day five country road trip on Friday, so there will be little time to post.Poker- play 50k hands of poker. 47k / 50k Pretty much on track, will definitely make that one.Non-Poker- write 50k words (preferably fiction). 12k / 50k This is going to be tough, but it's still doable.- burn 50k calories with cardio. 1k / 50k I started way too late on that one - it's going to be almost impossible to make it, so I'll stick with the original plan of doing 1k / week, whi
  16. Is there any reason to ship money to a country that can (and apparently does) willy nilly seize your funds? What would be the incentive for Europeans to switch to US sites, when there is pokerstars?EDIT: Corrected the w-n mix up.
  17. Now that I've read the article: "The thought of being further removed from his tight-knit family in upstate New York is making his stomach turn, however."Someone should tip him off about the distances Ontario to New York and Nevada to New York.
  18. Today is the day to play, it seems that everyone is out chasing a VIP status - just made 6 buy ins in 90 minutes (ok, I play at the 10 cent blind level, but still...)
  19. I haven't bothered to add any other currency, still playing in US$, despite the Euro and Pound option.
  20. Hmpf, not the ending I had hoped for. Also, I read the replies and like everyone who replied, I did not read the original post...
  21. From their facebook page: "We get a lot of questions about what software we use, and although the basic character animation is done with Xtranormal State, there's a suite of extensions that have allowed us to go far beyond that. It's called 'State Plus' and was developed by our Technical Consultant, Glenn Saunders. If you're interested in learning more you can join the Yahoo Group here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xtranormal-tech/ "EDIT: Oh you were asking about editing software and not the animation. Damn, reading fail. I'm not going to remove my post, though.
  22. Half year bump. It looks similar to the quarter year tally, though.Poker- play 50k hands of poker. 30k / 50kNon-Poker- write 50k words (preferably fiction). 3k / 50k- burn 50k calories with cardio. 0.1k / 50kEdit:So how is everybody doing? If you've lost momentum, now would be a good time to redefine your year goals. Also, for everyone who has missed the thread when it was started: don't be shy, tell us what your goals for the rest of the year are.
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