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  1. Oh I see. I'll look into it further. Thanks!
  2. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot. I do love the prospect rankings lists they post. There are some good articles too. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong spots on their site. Any insight specifically to what you find useful there? I do like the write ups that Elite Prospects does on individual players - although they are not always updated. I will check out the other two you mentioned. Thanks again!
  3. First off...I haven't logged in since 2011. So congrats to me for remembering my username and password. Figured this would be a good place to come for fantasy hockey advice. Glad to see you guys are still at it. Where do you guys generally get your dynasty info and how do you typically research prospects? I am aware of Dobbers - which is a decent but limited resource. I found a great site a couple years ago but forgot the name and can no longer find it. Just wondering what you guys use. Thanks!
  4. As irrelevant as Chuck is these days, I saw a pic of him yesterday (at least a day or two before weigh ins AFAIK) and he looked shredded! I don't know what happened to the customary kegpack he usually rocks, but wow. Apparently no partying for 9 months. Maybe he's serious. As for Carwin/Lesnar...Lesnar has an edge in speed and wrestling, but not as significant as one might think. Carwin is a very accomplished wrestler. His striking is >>> over Lesnar IMO. I think we might see deja vu of Mir/Carwin. Or so I hope. Carwin by KO in R1 IMO.
  5. Rumor has it Fraser is bringing the Cup to my town for an afternoon at a local pub. Can't wait!
  6. I can see Bouwmeester being miffed. But if Phaneuf really thought he had a shot at making the team this year after his hideous play, or thought he deserved it over any of those who did make it, he's more idiotic than I thought.
  7. Wow. I think I totally agree with Serge!
  8. Sorry to cut in 116 pages in, but I'm starting a regiment of my own and I would appreciate some tips/advice. I am actually a bit underweight, and looking to put on some weight. I've had a TERRIBLE diet for probably a good ten years (since I left home), and despite eating a ton of garbage and not really exercising, can't seem to put on much weight. I have a ridiculous metabolism, and although I don't eat nearly enough, even when I do, it really makes no long term difference. I also smoke/would like to quit, and I feel that will help a lot. Is there a particular page in this thread I should
  9. O Dog - Y'all niggaz goin' to Jack and a Crack man?Harold - Hell ye hell ye!
  10. [x] Commit a crime that attracts media attention. Check.Sure looks nice on my basement wall!
  11. So she chose him over you? And this is a brag?!
  12. - See a game in the Joe (I've only seen the Wings play in Calgary/Edmonton)- Meet Steve Yzerman (good possibility, my first cousin is now Brent Gilchrist's business partner and has had the opportunity to hang out with Steve, Kenny H, etc.)- Say something very ignorant to Patrick Roy- See Stanley in person- Have a sleepover with Pavel and Hank LOL
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