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  1. odds on AP/UB paying out before FTP? pretty sure its even money
  2. So, you think it's awful too? You straight donated that stack to me.(If you're having trouble comprehending what that means, it means you lost the hand, cause you're terrible.)
  3. Make more awful 10 bb reships in my sngs pls, I like donations from people like you with illusions of skillHope you can cook!
  4. please tell me the women's event at PCA will be played on kitchen tables with an actual soup pot in the middle
  5. also, pretty sure they saw someone named ryan MOTM and said "well, poker is obviously dead if that kid's getting MOTM, so a 15 month blackout wont hurt anyone"
  6. fixedthis legislation is absolute shit for people who actually play poker in any sort of medium to high capacity, kill this ****ing thing off. bad legislation is not > no legislation. we don't need to hurry up and put it through, we need to get the right bill passed. this one is NOT it.
  7. That one is from 2009. He rolled and the multiaccounting accusations are from prior to that (kid was in high school at the time apparently)Still owes $9k.
  8. people have known this one for a while i suppose http://forum.parttimepoker.com/appeals-for...-dns-t4t-2.htmli posted this under this name in his MOTM thread and got ignored. he owes 9k that he rolled people for.very classy individual. people in that thread implied he was multiaccounting back in the day but i don't know that full story.
  9. o shit sononly reason i bothered was its PTP related, i gots friends who he stole from so i'm more backing them up than doing it for me, don't worry, this isn't my return to FCP.
  10. http://forum.parttimepoker.com/appeals-for...25-dns-t4t.htmlPretty sure he moved on since he rolled for $9k.Scammers gonna scam.
  11. how many of your accounts cashed?
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