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  1. Get ready for the brutal downswings, I switched from mtt's to cash for the same reason and i doubled my bankroll and now i've lost it and I'm under what I started with, but I'm also a donkey lol
  2. It sure it happens to everyone, especially when you go card dead for a while. Just try to stay focused.
  3. seems like you got yourself in a pickle.
  4. Today in a tourney me and another guy where talkin and he was cool I was rooting him on when he was in a hand but when me and him got in a hand heads up I almost busted him completely in limit hold em if it was no limit i would have cause I got a full house. After the hand I said sorry man and he replied no big deal I know it's not personal. So you can be nice to someone and still play that is what you should of done in my opinion. when there is money on the line its business its not a team sport. I'm not saying your a bad person cause it truly sounds like you were tryin to be considerate.
  5. Take a break, lower stakes, and just chill and have faith that it will come back around. just my opinion
  6. I've been running into this same exact situation two or three times recently on stars and having the same gut feeling, and being right but i can't fold them either. So I guess I'm not a complete donk.
  7. I wish pokerstars had rakeback that would be AWESOME.
  8. I placed 1st in one these tourneys once and it does feel good to beat everyone. my best is 2nd place in a 2.20 buy in 180 people and i won 72.00 it was awesome. Good job though.
  9. .01 buy ins a worthless dont play them.
  10. what kinda of stuff are you supposed to look for.
  11. well if anyone wins a seat and can't make it and wants to give it away holla at me lol
  12. i'm sure its a wild story can't wait to check it out.
  13. when u go to the cashier and click the cashout button, you can then click on the cashout policy and on it it says you can recieve a check. But i'm just goin by what it says, I have never cashed out yet so i'm not sure hope this helped
  14. i'm doin shitty myself but still ahead like twenty bucks from initial deposit of fifty.
  15. just play premo cards and keep the pressure on the short stacks but dont get careless
  16. oh yeah well i won .25 cents in a .01 cent tourney top that lol just kidding good job man
  17. thanks everyone even the smart ass comments they where funny
  18. I'm new to poker and I dont understand how position works and how you play it. please help thanks.
  19. also under valueing small suited connectors since the blinds do not change in cash games.
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