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  1. i recall a hand where azaria laid down KK pre-flop even though he was getting around 8-1 to call, i assume this is the one?
  2. updated votes:DefensemenScott Niedermayer Anaheim 233,522Nicklas Lidstrom Detroit 214,789Chris Pronger Anaheim 134,185Dion Phaneuf Calgary 110,544Sergei Zubov Dallas 59,269Rob Blake Los Angeles 51,584Mattias Ohlund Vancouver 43,340John-Michael Liles Colorado 38,146Scott Hannan San Jose 34,867Robyn Regehr Calgary 34,552Lubomir Visnovsky Los Angeles 31,664*Rory Fitzpatrick Vancouver 31,310Mathieu Schneider Detroit 30,628
  3. didn't see the show, but i would guess chan-seidel WSOP final hand due to Rounders exposure
  4. at least it could help your conference win the game!
  5. Help vote Rory Fitzpatrick into the allstar game!see http://www.voteforrory.comthis is starting to catch on:http://www.deadspin.com/sports/nhl/you-too...rory-217945.php
  6. interesting articlewhy can't people spell "losing"?
  7. Actuary you're right - it makes no difference. It does give the contestant an opportunity to get close to one of the briefcase girls though.
  8. if your worst bad beat only cost you $35 you're living a pretty good life
  9. with the BC poker championships going on this week they're going to have a $10/25 PL O/8 game going, Johnny Chan was playing in it last night
  10. River Rock in Richmond, BC has been running a $2/5 PL Omaha Hi/Lo game on weekends (not sure if it runs mid-week) - great action game with big stacks
  11. i'm all about fair play. i usally try to declare my check raises in advance.
  12. i thought it was a pretty obvious question, just wanted to hear how someone could disagree
  13. this situation seems to come up quite often, anything wrong with it?live game, (say) $4/8 limitI raise P/F. several callers.I miss the flop and bet, one caller.caller checks, I bet the turn, get called.caller checks the river, i grab 8 chips, (still behind the betting line), see the caller grab his chips to call, so I change my mind and decide to check. He opens, beats me, and I muck. He complains that I was cheating - anything wrong with watching for him to grab his chips to call?
  14. Exactly! I once won a tournament while wearing a "Leafs Suck" shirt - got tons of respect at my table
  15. or is the best feeling for a woman during poker to be fellating / giving a bj?
  16. according to this article (which is a pretty interesting read):http://www.canadianbusiness.com/managing/s...109_101136_3084
  17. I was BB in a 4 way pot that checked on every street. We all showed Q high. My QT beat Q9, Q8, and Q7
  18. I was playing at a casino and a group from a wedding came and joined my table. Most of them had no idea how to play - one guy kept asking for another down card after the river!I called my friend over who was at another table and told him he had to get in on the "free money".I doubled up in about half an hour, he lost his whole stack. He didn't figure out that once these people called the flop they weren't getting away from their hand - basically take one shot at a bluff and then give up if you've got nothing.
  19. It's not throwing away money, it's taking a +EV bet! I'd love to play poker with you some time.This is a version of the St. Petersburg paradox, by the way.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Petersburg_ParadoxThe paradox is usually framed by asking how much would you pay for such an opportunity.
  20. I check blind when I'm not first to act just to confuse people...
  21. I'm going to give the Sept 24 NL super satellite a try
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