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  1. 1 of the previous posters had it exactly right: Stars low limit SNGs are a typical crapshoot earlier and very tight when it gets down to 5 players or less. Thats the way it is in about 90% of the low limit SNGs I've played on there.
  2. AQ, AJ, suited or unsuited. They always get me in trouble.
  3. Gets to me more than anything. People continually do it in MTTs or SNGs. And when you try to explain to them that it would be smarter to check the hand down and try to take out the all in player, they start bitching at you like a 4 year old.
  4. I'm an attorney and I do some tax work. I have an LLM in Taxation from NYU. I'm not gonna offer anyone legal advice, but I will see what I can dig up in the way of any sort of short legal article or IRS publication on the subject.
  5. Is the best hand at any given point. In Super System 2, Berman referred to flopping the NUTS- a straight, and still being very vulnerable, as in Omaha you have people drawing to flushes and full houses that will often destroy your str8. So get that $100 from your friend and tell him he's wrong.
  6. Do it!! If you are a decent player, you can make enough cash for the purposes you listed. Plus, it would be a fun summer. Enjoy being young while you can. As for this statement in your post: " I'd be grinding everyday but I gotta study for LSATs. " You can grind every day!! I'm an attorney, and I remember the LSAT preparation. It is not that hard. Get 1 of the LSAT Prep Books, and put in some hours. It doesn't take that much time. If you learn to recognize what specific types of questions are being asked, do enough practice questions, and do 3-4 full practice tests under test ty
  7. You raise the buy in, it will reduce the number of online qualifiers. If Poker stars sends 1000 people at $10,000 buy in, they won't end up sending that many players with a buy in around $25,000. They will still send alot. I just agree with some others that a field of 6600 or god forbid next year, 9000 players is just ridiculous.
  8. They have to raise the buy in amt to $25,000 like the WPT Championship. That would significantly cut the number of online qualifiers, while still having an enormous prize pool. 6600 people is just way too many for any poker tournament. At some point, they have to do something to limit the number of entrants. It has become a logistical nightmare. I'm sure ESPN and the WSOP were excited last year when they had 2500 players ( 3 times as many as the year before). It was great for poker. 6600 players is gonna be like a 3 ring circus. So-that would mean 3 1st days: 2 1st days last yea
  9. I probably would have called with AK. Since you have no information it is a really difficult decision. There is a whole range of hands that you could be up against: If I'm in that situation, I look at it this way: I figure its about 70% that he has a pair, and in that situation it is a race. It does stink to race for about 45% of my chips at a final table, but sometimes you have to do it. The key is I figure that 25-30% of the time I am in very good shape with my AK against hands I dominate like AQ, AJ, or KQ. So it is worth the risk. You most often race, and then 25-30% of the
  10. Becoming a monster? He is a monster. He could end up as the best ever.And as for him becoming a monster at the WPT Championship, yeah, he is becoming freaking King Kong!!!! They better watch out. When he has this many chips, he is gonna beat down all others. Jesus is putting up a very strong showing, which suprises me a little bit.
  11. folding KK or QQ preflop is very hard to do. There are so many times people push in with hands that you make you shake your head. AQ, AJ, A10, Ace rag. KJ. I've seen all kinds of mind-numbing moves reasonably early in an SNG or MTT, that it is so hard online to get away from QQ or KK.
  12. I've only done that twice ever. Once in a casino. I'm UTG with KK and limp as the table has alot of action. There is a raise by a very tight player to $15 (about the standard sized raise at this table). 1 player calls and I re-raise to $35 see where I'm at, and he takes 0 seconds and immediately says all in (an additional $175). I agonized for at least 90 seconds and threw away the Kings. He showed his Aces. And that was after having played with this guy for 4 hours, and seen how darn tight he was, and being willing to bet he would not push all in for that much without Aces. Other
  13. This guy had already cashed. The top 100 cash. He knocked Harman out in 60 something place. Its possible that he was debating whether or not he wanted to risk chips when the next jump in money is around 50th place, but thats highly unlikely. The way I see it, there is only 1 possible explanation: He is a total jerk.
  14. Its just plain wrong. People like to say nasty things about guys like Josh Arieh or Matusow for some of their behavior (basically when they act like 7 year olds). But I doubt either of them would slowroll someone like that. Thats about the worst thing I could ever think of anyone doing. You just leave some twisting in the wind, and wait to turn over your Aces. Thats just ridiculous.
  15. I saw that update on Cardplayer and I was wondering what kind of jerk does that. I would have been pissed at him for doing that crap to me.
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