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  1. For example, I would say that if this song wasnt about poker then it sure as hell could be. Read the damn words and tell me you cant find some type of deep metophorical meaning in there!:Chopped & Screwed - T-Pain (featuring Ludacris)Yeah!YEA-YEAH!WHOA-O-OHH(Hook 1)Nuh-Nuh ShawtyNuh-Nuh Nuh ShawtyNuh-Nuh Nuh Shawtydon't chop me, Shawty don't Screw MeShawty don't chop me, Shawty don't Screw MeShawty don't chop me, Shawty don't Screw MeYeahYea-Yeah(T-Pain Verse 1)Have you ever seena piece all alone at the bar (bar-bar)Straight out of a magazineand you just want to let her know who you are (a
  2. No one on the corner have swagga like us, Swagga like us, swagga swagga like usIn the 250k, here goes nothing.
  3. Im prob gonna give the 250k and the 30k a go, if i wake up in time.I also want to add this for good luck:First floor, stuck on the gold digger Second floor, stuck on the dime piece Third floor, stuck on the hood rat Fourth floor, freak it I don't know, cause... (This girl is)She's stuck on my ella, e-ella-vator (This girl is)She's stuck on my ella, e-ella-vator (This girl is)She's stuck on my ella, e-ella-vator (This girl is)She's stuck on my ehh o ehh ohI dont know if that might help us win,
  4. imo ur as cool as these guys:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSSZ_DmUdPY
  5. Congrats. How much did you end up winning after the chop?
  6. Nice thread. This has some serious potential for starting some type of meaningful conversation.
  7. Get some poker chips, a couple of cards and pretend that you're playing live by sguffling your chips and looking at your hole cards every time you get delt a hand etc. lol jk.I still dont think there's really that big of a difference, besides the fact that you can multitable online and you there's no physical tells (which arent that important).
  8. All in, There's already heaps of chips in the pot, you're prob gonna get called cause your shoving range so unbelievably wide, and you dont want to have to play your kings in a multiway pot where there's a good chance they will get cracked. Dont get greedy, just shove please.
  9. He prob wont but imo he shud at least try 5 card draw out. That goes for all the games,,
  10. I used to be just like you. Listen just put money onto PokerStars and be prepared to lose it, the more time you put in the better you will get, and one day you will look at your stats and notice (in utter amazement) that you have like 12k in tournament winnings. I swear I have no idea how things like that happen but for some reason they do in this game.I will warn you though, dont let this take over your life. Be sure to have a healthy balance, trust me this is very important. To much poker will make you go crazy, (I know because i play way to much poker and its messing me up psychologically,
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