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  1. what do you guys look for when sitting at 25nl tables? big pot sizes/big players per flop %? or small pots/small flop%?i usually go for something like $3/20% flops, curious as to what other people look for
    That is a really good question! I wait for big pot sizes and big players. I will limp in for a few hands just to show that I am there to play and then I will only pay on hands that are winners or more than likely winners. I have made some good money being patient.
  2. Still can but not for long...they sent a letter to all ISPs this week telling them to block the sites listed or else. Kinnda fishy that PS and Cake weren't on the list though
    Hey go Vikes... I am from Minnesota too. Make sure you never vote blue if you want to play poker online again. I am against raising taxes but this would be a smart thing to raise taxes on. OK... I take that back too.I hope to play in the Ftops. Trust me if they block any poker site you can easily access it. Where there is a will there is Google. Need a I say more. Maybe the mods will let one of computer geeks write a work around on this for the good of the poker world. There is nothing wrong with a friendly game of poker.
  3. In tournaments I prefer a made hand because I play conservative until the stakes are higher and let other players make the mistakes. In the end of the tournament, I like the drawing hands because I bet stronger. In table limits it a 50 50 for me and it all depends how others are playing.

  4. When there are active players on a table it doesn't hurt to play this hand. I would have raised a little pre flop and then bigger after the turn to make a strong statement stating you had something. I would have chucked the hand or limped to see what I got.

  5. i was gonna post the pic.....but don't know how to post pics. Wha na na!
    What link do you want to post. I can help you with that :)Right click on on the picture you want to post and click properties. Copy the link and then press the press the insert image in your reply message. Paste that link there. You are good to go :club:
  6. It think that you ate some spicey food before you went to bed. That type of food causes weird dreams. I always have weird dreams but my female judges usually do something better than send me to hell. But to answer your question with no fun involved: most dreams, if not all, no pain is felt. I read it from a dream book once. It seems like you could be going to bed angry.

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