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  1. There is no way that you cannot call the all in bet with this person. You have them heads up with AA.....perfect!!Ouch on the beat though.........those beats really hurt and stay in the memory for a long time.Better luck next time,Irondonk
  2. Sorry to hear you went broke also. But I do the same thing at sit and gos. I take a bad beat, go up a level to get my money back, lose that.....but then I turn my computer off and fume for the rest of the night.Better luck next time
  3. That is exactly how you trap with low to medium pocket pairs.If you raise the big blind the hand with AA is just going to raise you more, which will cost you more to see the flop and hit your set.He can even re-raise enough to make you lay down your 66.For me that is exactly how you set and trap AAGreat JobIronDonk
  4. I myself will play small pairs in late position as long as the raise is not more than 3X the BB. And that the BB is still at a low level, usually from $20 to $50.The general idea is to hit your set and win a big hand or let the flop miss and see what the early position does. If they check you can choose to take a free card or make a bet to see what your opponent will do. But be careful not to overplay small pairs. As you say they cannot beat many hands.I will follow this same strategy for suited connectors in late position.IronDonk
  5. I have been trying to use a small ball strategy in the early stages of low buy-in single table sit and go's. Usually at the $20 and $30 BB level. My question is does anybody else believe that this strategy can work for this type of structure?I have had some luck with it but I find myself limping in alot in order not to bleed my chips away.Everything that I read is to play really tight and aggressive at single table sit and go's.Hopefully there are some opinions on this kind of strategy out there.Thanks for your helpIronDonk
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