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  1. Am i the only one who don't know who most of this people are?
  2. ^^^ I feel exactly the same. I was up to $150 this weekend and i've lost about $50 in cash games and tournaments. it seems like there's nothing i can do to avoid this situation.
  3. I've never played a tourney with rebuy and add-on and i just suscribed to a $3.30 + R NL ($50,000 guaranteed) tournampent on PS. I have many questions :It says : "unlimited rebuy available until the first break" (1500 chips for $3.00) : ok " one add -on (3000 in chips for $3.00) available during the first break.Does it means that i i go broke early i can wait for the add-on during the break ? Or will i have to take a rebuy first ? I'm a little bit confused...More, what is the best strategy for this kind of tourney? Is it to play as much hands as possible because i can
  4. Well, if i go under $100 i think i'd go back to $5NL or $2NL. And yes i've only been playing at 5 for 2 weeks. And honnestly i only lost money because of bad beats. I feel like i coulf maybe gain more money by playing at 10.
  5. Ok, i know the first rule is "don't play out of your bankroll!"I actually have $118 on my PS account (i've started with $18 40+ days ago). I was at 150 this weekend after 2-3 successfull tourneys, then i lost about $30 both in tourneys and cash games. I usually play at $0.05 and feel like i hit a plateau.my question is : can i try to play at $0.10 and see if i'm doing well or not? In fact i've already played two sessions at those stakes and i won money. more i don't see a big difference between playing $0.05 and $0.10. i plain to take a shot of those stakes with a $5 buy-in.Any opinions/advice
  6. Awwww...she's too cute.ps : i was expecting Daniel naked in strawberry marmelade or something....i'm desappointed
  7. Pfff...did i play this hand like a fool? i still don't know. It just bothers me when you bet 5BB preflop and someone call with suited connectors then when you bet enough to make him fold he still call against the odds and finally hit his straight.http://www.pokerhandreplays.com/view.php/id/503750In fact that's one of my problems. For example, on this hand i thought that he could be on a draw and bet enough to make him fold. I always think that most players know their odds and will not play against them.Dude had an inside straight draw, with 2 cards to come his odds were about 5:1. I bet 0.45
  8. It is a little bit out of topic but i'd like your opinion about this hand.Yesterday i've played this hand, and believe me or not i knew that my opponent had AKs and was on a flush draw. I also know he's going to make his flush 1 time out of 3 when there's 2 cards to come (if i'm not wrong). I seriously hesitated before calling, i even think about folding my aces...but then i said to myself "well, i didn't play it very well, but i actually have the best hand, so there's no way i can fold". Of course opponent hit his flush and i lost a good amount of my stack but hey, that's poker!http://www.pok
  9. Ok, thank guys. I think i'll not completely change the way i play because like you all said, at those stakes it doesn't really matters. During my lunch break i tried to only raised 3 BB pre flop and i won $3 in the session.I thing the good point of raising 5bb with any good hands is that most of the time you'll at least have 1-2callers ( at those stakes). So if you hit the flop and raise again it could turn into a very nice pot. But yeah, sometime i'll risk 25 to gain like 7 or i'll have to fold on the flop. So the variation might be important.I'll just try to mix it up more and trying to be
  10. As a stupid Frenchie i don't now the meaning of "ship". Does it means you'd go all in?
  11. I'm pretty sure i'd have folded on the flop. But on the turn you have a set of 8's and there's 45 in the pot. I think i'd have raised up to 30, maybe 35 so your opponent has to call all in.
  12. My max is 4. But i when i do that i have to play ABC poker because it is impossible for me to read an opponent when i'm playing against 32 players.I think i'm doing well with 2-3 tables max.
  13. $15 to $105 in one day? Damn...you're either a good player or a total maniac.
  14. After i've read a lot of articles/books from some Pro players (like Daniel) i start to wonder if i play like i should do.I've started with a $18 bankroll 40 days ago, was up to $148 and now i'm at$122.If it can help you, here are my stats :I actually play at $0.05 and i'm trying to be unpredictable. So most of the time when i have a good hand i'll raise 5BB, if nobody raised before me and i'm in late position i'll make it 4 BB. usually i just limp with a pair from 2's to 7's and i will eventually raise with a pair of _8's or better. If someone raise before me i will fold a pair undet 8's and i
  15. Well, i guess it was........http://www.pokerhandreplays.com/view.php/id/495737
  16. There's no way i'd would have called with a pair of 7's.
  17. Pfff....difficult imo. He could has a set, no?....I think i'd call and see what the river brings. Or if i have really more chips than him i'd check-raise all in. Oh..i forget to say i don't know who Golfond is.
  18. May goals : trying to gain $100. I'm actually playing at 0.05
  19. Hi guys, and Daniel. Is Joe Hachem trying to do the same thing as Daniel? Or maybe it is just a part of their "contract" with PS...cuz i saw him playing at $0.02 two days ago.Did i miss something?ps : Daniel, i'm reading your book actually. It's really a great book imo, i would recommend it to everybody.
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