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  1. dang.. this would of saved me a lot of searching when I first got here... :)NH
  2. Woot!!! Let's get ready to rumble!!!
  3. Bob, Thanks for handling all the details with these... can't wait to get my chip set and other goodies!Good luck all in the final games!!!
  4. 2%-4% is the norm that I've seen... a million is nuts... but if he did that then more power to him!!!
  5. cool pic... I've not seen that one yet....
  6. hehe... when Daniel was down to $1700 in the early stages, I gave him some mojo.... and then last night when he was down to $20,000, I gave him some more... so it seems obvious to me that DN needs my help to win this thing...so here goes...Go DN go!!!!(no thanks necessary!)
  7. heheh...what's a few chips among friends? :)Way to go DN!!! Lots of pitfalls and traps avoided... just surviving Day 1 is an accomplishment these days and you did MUCH better than just survive.Rest and recoup and then kick some butt on day 2!!!
  8. GL Dane!!!Take it down for us working schmoes!!!
  9. I'm gonna call a friend and tell them about this thread... it's so great!
  10. Ditto... tough break man, but thanks for sharing!!!
  11. wish I could do that for the lottery results!
  12. 2 months for me... first month was just a terrible run of cards... then I got frustrated and started donking the second month... finally got my head back on right and am back in the win column now...
  13. Good stuff... I'm jealous of all the FCPHA that made it to Vegas... you all suck!
  14. Good luck GD, let us know how it goes!!!
  15. I was just there this week...Personally, I'd rather play at the El Dorado as well for the cash game...as already mentioned the drunk fishies were primed to be removed from their money... :)as for tournies.. El Dorado is running $100 + $25 SNGs 23 hours a day (and a $300 + $25)... 10 people, top 2 get paid 70%/30%...Horseshoe runs several tournies through the week on Mondays at 6pm and Wednesdays at 11am, they have a $60 + $15 tourney.. with $40 rebuys for the first hour and a half... had about 150 in this Monday and I made the final 2 tables, but went out in 15th... only top 10 get paid...
  16. Way to go me! :)I was the bubble boy for chips last night... DOH!!! (Like I need more chips, but still, I don't have FCP chips yet!!!)
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