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  1. I took Father's Day off from railing on here...I'm glad DN didn't take the day off though!!What a pleasant surprise to login this morning and read about ANOTHER deep run by DN!!!Man, I wish I was there!!!!
  2. actually, I think he was tied with the Mouth for right around 24 hours... Now DN has pulled ahead again!!!
  3. Yes!!! Way to go DN!!!Time to buy some more golf simulators! +1 +1 +1
  4. Yes!!! Way to go DN!!!Time to buy some more golf simulators! +1 +1 +1
  5. 'on a ROLL again... just can't wait to get on a ROLL again'...Go DN!!!
  6. Doh! almost had another shot at the $200k sidebet...
  7. DN is free rolling on the Ivey Bracelet bet now!!!
  8. that's not a cooler, that 's a frickin' freezer!GG, DN... this was just a warmup for things to come!!!
  9. mmm.... cereal... yummy!Can I escrow cereal? I've got a lot of kids to feed!
  10. wow... ONLY $9k... my over under would have been about 18-21...Nice work DN, now take it deep!!!
  11. Glad to see the NO is still kicking it old school!I hope to join the ranks again starting with the next quarter.I could always use another FCP Hockey Jersey!
  12. +1... :)I wish this thread had existed back when I first joined!!!
  13. GL Fellow FCP'ers!!!I'd love to see one of you make it to the FT!!!
  14. looking over my picks now, I can't help but wonder...WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?!?
  15. Good luck guys!Some family medical issues made me cancel my plans this year, but I'll be there in 2009!!!!
  16. at least you went out with a bang!!! :)GG DN!
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