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  1. wow.. that is pretty crazy from the WPT.. I would not blame the big names for refusing to sign that...I would sign it, but only cause I'm a nobody!!!Of course, if I ever got lucky enough to win a major event, then I'd probably jump on the just say NO bandwagon... since it would matter to me then!Hopefully they'll change the release before I win my first major.. haha!CCM - AcesFull333
  2. take a look at HoH (Harrington on Holdem), if you want more info on M...CCM - AcesFull333
  3. DN's going to have to do some work today....CCM - AcesFull333
  4. I think this is consensus.. but I fold JJ and QQ... I call with KK...CCM - AcesFull333
  5. very cool..hope it will go through my companies firewall... :)CCM - AcesFull333
  6. I like the Pokerdome idea... but not the 15 second clock... I don't think I would play it.. but I'd probably watch!
  7. yeah.. like I said... I doubt there's anything there... I know he writes for them and they link his site... but it was something I've noticed and since someone else mentioned it as well.. I thought I'd throw it out there...
  8. had to go with Evelyn... I love her, but what's she done in the big tournies?!?CCM - AcesFull333
  9. I'm not a jewelry person.. and i'd probably only wear that bracelet once or twice a year... but I'd never sell it.. unless I was absolutely desperate...CCM - AcesFull333
  10. I can only hope and dream...
  11. haven't had one yet... still waiting for the mother lode...CCM - AcesFull333
  12. LOL.. that's greatness.. I'm going to write that down so I can remember it... :==================================================Smash the body of a machine with a hammer while it's running. The problem that's slowing you down is that they put a small amount of smoke in the machine at the factory. You need to hit it with the hammer untill you get the smoke out.That fixes most things.==================================================
  13. My 5 would be...Raymer, Matusow, Harrington, Brunson, ChanI have a really hard time choosing between DN an Chan, but Chan wins with the most outrageous shirt... :)CCM - AcesFull333
  14. group A is stacked.. some of the hottest guys going...group B is a riddle wrapped in an enigma...DN is always a good bet (of course) and E-Dog as well...Chan is obviously a great players, but other than the WSOP win this year, he's not done too much in tournies, has he? I think his last big place was the 5 Diamond last year.. (8th)... so perhaps he is well suited for this structure... so that makes me think he might make another strong run...now, Hellmuth.. a lot like Chan.. had some good WSOP runs, but not much else this year (Heads up?)... you have to go back to last year's 5-Diamond where h
  15. sorry.. I need the post to get off Newbie status... :)Someone mentioned this above, and I'm sure it's probably just a misconception, but I've also noticed that CardPlayer rarely seems to mention DN in their updates... I'm not really a conspiracy person (for most things), and I know they cover the 'action' and not necessarily specific people.. but DN was the 2004 PoY, right? so wouldn't they at least mention him once or twice?things that make you go, hmm....CCM - AcesFull333
  16. man... I just don't know.. Hellmuth or Matusow? either one would be great... make sure you have good insurance though, just in case their heart explodes or they burst a brain vessel or something... cause either one would certainly lose it!!!oh man.. that would be so great! :DCCM - AcesFull333
  17. Cool!Can't wait for the DVD or the book!!They'll look good next to my Stacked poster... now if I could just get one of them signed! :)CCM - AcesFull333
  18. hate to pile on...but excellent thread... and insights...I'm a dreamer...if I ever win the lottery or something, then I'll try the pro thing..but with my wife/kids/etc... I just can't quite the day job to take up poker full time...good luck!!CCM - AcesFull333
  19. still scary...all the 'old guys' will soon be gone from the league...
  20. I think the parties should be disbanded... too much corruption and they aren't really needed in this day and age..let the candidates stand on their own legs, with their own thoughts, and issues...let the public choose the best person for the job...voting along party lines makes no sense to me...CCM - AcesFull333
  21. I have to agree... that's great info to read.. and I'd love to see an article on this topic sometime!!!CCM - AcesFull333
  22. yes.. Phil Ivey is awesome...Also, I think it was in a DN article that I read the big cash money players get really excited when they see Hellmuth venture to the table every now and then... seems they think he's an easy mark... :)CCM - AcesFull333
  23. I think I get it now..so the FCP 'room' is really just a version of PokerRoom.com?That right?CCM - Acesfull333
  24. I'm also still waiting on me Neteller to clear (from my bank)...but once it does, I'll probably play .50/1 and $5 and $10 SNGs mostly...CCMAcesFull333
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