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  1. Hi everyone. My name is Carey and I'm an American living in England and was one of the first members on here and for some reason for years I could not get back into my account and finally it let me tonight!! I've just started playing online poker again because since we're in lockdown here, I've got poker and my final 4000 word essay and 6000 word dissertation to write for my BA in Social Work degree by 15th of June (dates were put forward, thank goodness). I can only write so much at a time so I need poker or my family tree research to distract me!! Hope to see you all on GG Poker soon because
  2. I'm just wondering....how exactly is Bodog processing payments from the U.S.? Why are they still able to have paying players from the U.S. if it's illegal? I'm American but moved to England in 2006 so I've missed all of the having to worry about this stuff.Careybear
  3. Hi Daniel....Just wondering how you're doing at this challenge and what level are you at? Are you still at .25/.50?Good luck...thinking about doing something like this as well...I'm usually an MTT or STT player so this will definitely be a challenge for me :)Carey xx
  4. Here is a little quiz for you all to see which candidate you're most similar to in your views.http://www.votechooser.com/I was most similar to Obama's view with agreeing with 8 and disagreeing on 2...
  5. Hi all I'm Careybear and I have a monthly home game here in Witham. Detail for this month are:8:30 p.m. GMT£10 freezeout NL Texas Holdem (we usually play at least two of these)We have room for 20 people with 4 places to sleep if any want to stay the nightSnacks and tea and coffee served, bring your own booze!!!We have a great time and it's all for fun (and a little money )All are welcome...please pm me for the address and phone number.Careybear
  6. I don't think it was a slow roll either on the second hand but it didn't seem like Daniel was angry about it either....did he say he was in his blog? I don't remember.
  7. That reporter is Kara Scott who is a very good poker player herself. She works over here in the UK on the Sky Poker channel and also Pokerzone channel. She's either Canadian or American can't remember which.Carey
  8. I totally agree with you on this Nimue I think the electoral college is so stupid. Gore woulda won in 2000 if there wasn't such a thing.I live in England now so am trying to do the absentee ballot thing and sent away to Michigan where I'm from and haven't heard anything from them. Anyone else on the board an American abroad and voted yet?Careybear
  9. I'd feel the same way meeting Andre because he was my favorite tennis player growing up as well...not to mention he's totally gorgeous with hair or without!! :)Careybear
  10. This has nothing to do with this topic thread....he named it ireland and england same difference because of Padraig being Irish and daniel going to see an English movie....think this post is supposed to be in the dreamclown thread...Carey
  11. I know you were kidding i just thought it was funny.... )Carey
  12. This isn't true...you don't have to deposit you just have to register a real money account which is possible without having to deposit.It's just a pokerroom.com skin...works the same way.Carey** You are now speaking with Misha - Full Contact Poker Support, Full Contact Poker Support. **Misha - Full Contact Poker Support : Hello.Hammer : Hi Misha, Are we now required to deposit money to watch real money ring games?Misha - Full Contact Poker Support : Yes the software has been set up like that.Hammer : ok tyMisha - Full Contact Poker Support : No problem, is there anything else I can assist you
  13. Ummm i have a question about HORSE. Is this what horse is; mixed games? I know at another site in the private tab (full tilt poker) different poker clubs have horse tournaments set up. Also, that site has Razz as well. I like razz, i've only played it on the WSOP on the X-box before and only played in one event of it and placed 18th out of the field of 59 or so. After playing for over an hour i finally got my head around it i think...it was actually stimulating trying to figure out what the other people might have or not have. Anyway, i don't know if i'm making any sense i just wanted to
  14. When I saw the title to this blog i immediately thought..."oh daniel you're going to hear about this from the English and Irish people on this forum"!!My husband is from England and he definitely wouldn't agree about the english and irish being the same!!! lol Now he does equate the Irish and the Scottish being the same because I guess Ireland went to attack Scotland at the same time Scotland went to attack Ireland and totally missed each other sometime back in history...don't ask me when cuz i have no clue...hence, according to my English husband, the reason they have the same accents!!! lol
  15. This isn't true...you don't have to deposit you just have to register a real money account which is possible without having to deposit.It's just a pokerroom.com skin...works the same way.Carey
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