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  1. Too bad he wasn't this smooth at last years horse eventhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wplL3jN2sw...ec-HM-fresh+div
  2. Alright final offer. I'm offering 3-1 that the Sharks will win game 5 tonight.
  3. Ok ppl i'm in the mood to gamble so i am laying 2.5-1 that the Sharks will win game 5 tonight.
  4. Probably...well if you're interested i can give you 2.3-1
  5. NHLBetting 2-1 that the Sharks will win game 5. Any takers?
  6. LMAO ......by the sounds of it taped episodes of who's the boss would have been better.
  7. Go jump in your neighbors pool would ya
  8. First one to come up with the answer will get one turkish dollar
  9. Bury the money in back yard, also bury the map that shows you where the money is. Then take the map that shows you where the first map is and bury that. Finally take a third map that shows where the second map is and get two safes and rip the map in two pieces and put each piece in a seperate safe and keep the safes atleast 30 feet apart. Problem solved.
  10. I have it to wtf.....Yeah nothing happens when you click the button lol
  11. Yeah i know exactly what he's talking about but i'm gonna "bite my tougue" about it.Oh and 1st
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